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7 Best Websites for Custom E-commerce Packaging

7 Best Websites for Custom E-commerce Packaging

In the highly competitive eCommerce market, every business should look for a way to separate themselves from their competitors. One way to do this is through product packaging, which is the first thing customers see. Creating unique packaging elevates your products while building brand recognition.

The best website for custom e-Commerce packaging is Packwire. Packwire's packaging is cheaper than most with a low MOQ. Their packages are made from recycled goods and shipped to over 100 countries.

This article will explore the companies mentioned previously and others in further detail. Keep reading to find the best custom packaging website for your business.

Best Websites That Have Low MOQs

MOQ, which stands for 'Minimum Order Quantity', is the smallest number of items you need to order for a manufacturer to produce and deliver your product.

Packwire is one of the best options in the custom packaging market. With a detailed 3D design tool, a vast amount of packaging options, and low cost, it's hard to find a service so expansive with a low MOQ of 10 units. Their packing is made from 50% recycled goods, and they offer to ship to 150 countries, making it perfect for international businesses.

With their detailed 3D design tool and a vast array of packaging options, they're the go-to for businesses that want to make a green statement. Plus, with shipping to 150 countries, they're truly global.

Most Affordable Website Options for e-Commerce Packaging

Price is one of the most important factors for considering custom packaging, especially for new startups.

2. Arka

While compared to Packwire, Arka is a comparably affordable option. They are very Eco-friendly, focusing on sustainable packaging. Arka has a strong design-builder and a wide range of packaging options. However, only specific packaging is allowed to be customized.

While they might be easy on the wallet, they don't skimp on quality. With a strong focus on sustainable packaging and a robust design-builder, they're perfect for startups wanting to make an impact.

FedEx is a name we all know and trust. The company offers extensive packaging and customizable options, all for a low price. They also won't charge you extra fees for your custom labeling and even ship internationally. Their biggest downside is that if you want to use their packaging, you must also use them as the carrier.

Everyone knows FedEx and for a good reason. They offer extensive and customizable packaging options without breaking the bank. Just remember, if you're going with their packaging, they're your carrier too.

Most Sustainable e-Commerce Packaging Companies

More and more environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs are seeking eco-friendly options for their packaging.

Packola is a company that prides itself on sustainability. Its vast packaging collection is made from 100% recycled paper and environment-friendly inks. Packola even pledged to plant one tree for every $100 of sales. This company lacks a MOQ, and overall pricing is very affordable. They even carry a price-matching policy. However, their samples can be pretty expensive.

With every piece of packaging made from 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly inks, they're the dream for the environmentally-conscious entrepreneur. And that pledge to plant a tree for every $100 of sales? Simply awesome!

Heapsgood is another extremely eco-friendly company located in Australia. Where this company lacks in customization options, they make for in sustainability. All of their packaging is recyclable and compostable.

They also avoid using any plastics or glue. They make their shipping mailers by combining cornstarch, PLA (a vegetable-based plastic material), and PBAT (composting co-polymer). These bags decompose in about 2–3 years without leaving behind any toxic residues or microplastics.

The Aussie eco-warrior! They're all about sustainability. From recyclable and compostable packaging to avoiding plastics and glue, they're setting the gold standard for green packaging.


BuyBoxes is American based custom packaging company with a decent selection of containers. This company boasts a quick production time (including shipping) of 10 days or less, making it one of the fastest turnarounds time on the market. BuyBoxes has a solid 3D design, no set MOQ, and is reasonably priced.

BuyBoxes packaging lacks finishing and ink options for custom boxes. They also only ship domestically, making them unusable for international businesses.

The American speedster! 🇺🇸 With one of the fastest turnaround times in the market, they're perfect for businesses on the go. Their solid 3D design and no set MOQ make them a top choice for U.S. businesses.


7. Neon

Neon is an Australian-based custom eCommerce packaging company that houses many packaging options. Although Neon's package choices are vast, they lack the customization options standard at most companies. Also, without a 3D design builder, it can be more challenging to create the perfect look.

Neon has a solid range of compostable, reusable, or recyclable products, making it a great sustainable choice. They are constantly searching for more sustainable alternatives to fill their product pages. Currently, they are working on ways to reduce their plastic usage.

While they offer a vast range of packaging options, it's their commitment to sustainability that truly shines. Always on the lookout for greener alternatives, they're pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly packaging.


Alright, let's wrap this up (pun intended)! In the bustling world of eCommerce, it's all about making a splash and leaving a lasting impression. And guess what? Your product's packaging is like its red carpet outfit—it's got to shine!

From the eco-warrior Packwire to the budget-friendly maestros at Arka and FedEx, there's a perfect match for everyone. If you're waving the green flag for Mother Earth, Packola and Heapsgood are your go-to eco champs. For those in the USA and Australia, BuyBoxes and Neon have got your local vibes covered.

So, as you set out on your packaging adventure, think about the story you want to tell. After all, it's not just about wrapping—it's about wrapping with style and purpose!



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