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TikTok Masterclass (the 2024 edition)

Updated: Apr 10

This week, we jump into the world of TikTok. We chat about Universal Music Group's decision to pulling their music from the TikTok catalogue and some practical advice for brands that have had their TikTok's impacted by the change. We then jump into a coaching session on how to create multiple posts a day, leveraging gifting in the 2024 landscape and how to convert TikTok success to actual customers. Loved recording this one!

If you often find yourself wondering: how are brands creating ALL this content..? You’re not alone. Let's spill the tea on how those early-stage founders are slaying with so many TikToks a day:

  1. First things first, let's keep it real. Life as a founder can be a rollercoaster, right? So, be realistic about what you can produce and how you can weave that into your day. Once you have a goal for the # of posts/week in mind, commit to that goal and make sure you’re taking daily action towards that goal.

  2. Okay, imagine this: you're aiming for three TikToks daily. Great! But how do we fit that into our crazy schedules? It's all about crafting your content strategy. Do you film on the fly and edit later? Or maybe you're all about that batch recording life? Find the flow and groove that just works for you.

  3. Now, let's talk quality. It’s no longer about just throwing everything at it and seeing what sticks, we are entering the era of top-tier content. Algorithms want the good stuff, not just any old fluff.

  4. Whether you're a spontaneous creator or a meticulous planner, the key is to stick to the plan. Despite what the media might make you believe, success on TikTok isn't just a one-hit wonder; it’s down to consistently showing up. So, build that strategy, block that time in your schedule, and get creative.

And hey, don't forget the golden rule: have fun with it!



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