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3 quick tips on delegation

Hello and welcome back to the show - it’s Doone here - your host and Hype Girl. In these Friday episodes, we have a co-host joining us, Josephine, and every week we will be checking in to talk about what’s current and trending in the world of business with tips on how you could leverage that and what’s coming up inside the Facebook group.

This week, we talk through Doone's process when it comes to delegation and bringing on a Virtual Assistant to the business. We chat about delegation all the time in entrepreneurship because it might just be the most essential skill to nail early on when it comes to setting yourself up for long-term success - yet it still stays something most of us srsly struggle with. How do you go about finding someone? What's the process of off-boarding tasks and on-boarding someone? And how do you let go of perfectionism when delegating work? We discuss it all in this quick, value-packed episode. Hope you love it!

As small business owners, we wear many hats and juggle a million tasks on the daily. It's exhilarating, sure, but let's be real – it can also leave us feeling a tad overwhelmed at times. (Or all the time, lol).

That's where the magic of virtual assistants (VAs) comes in. I've been pondering the art of delegation and how VAs can truly be game-changers for us entrepreneurs, and I’m excited to jump on here and share my process:

Tip #1: Get Specific and Get Real 📝

First things first, grab a pen and paper (or in my preferred case, a spreadsheet) and start jotting down every single task that crosses your path in a day, week, or month. And we mean everything – from scheduling social media posts to responding to emails and beyond. Be as detailed as possible and really break it down into super specific steps.


❌ Create IG posts and schedule them in; should be:

✅ Brainstorm 7 ideas for IG posts

✅ Update Canva templates

✅ Schedule them into Later

Tip #2: Identify the Repetitive Drains 🕵️

Now, take a good hard look at that list. Notice any patterns? Those repetitive, mundane tasks that suck up your time like a vacuum? Yup, those are prime candidates for delegation. Especially anything that doesn’t require decision making or critical thinking. Think scheduling content or managing your inbox. The low-hanging fruit that can easily be turned into step-by-step how-to’s.

Tip #3: Loom It, Baby! 🎥

Time to break out the big guns – or rather, Loom. Record yourself going through those repetitive tasks, explaining each step as you go. This video tutorial becomes the go-to guide for who you’re onboarding. You can take this a step further and transcribe the loom video into a written Google doc. Voila! You've just created your very own delegation playbook.

In my experience, leveraging the power of VAs has lightened our workload and kept the team focused on what truly matters – creativity and innovation. By delegating those routine tasks, you free up valuable mental space to tackle the big-picture stuff & operate in your zone of genius. & that’s what we want!


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