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Talking Money, Manifestation & How to Grow a Youtube Channel with Jennifer Neville

This is Jennifer Neville for Female Startup Club

Welcome back to the show! If you’re new here... Hi! I’m Doone, your host and hype girl in business. Every week we learn from 7, 8 and 9 figure female founders to understand their blueprint in business when it comes to money, marketing and mistakes. Women like Jennifer Neville the founder of Live Zen With Jen.

Jen is a former professional golfer turned celebrity astrologer and YouTube psychic. Yep, you heard that right! Jen has found her path helping people find their passion and purpose in life through astrology and spirituality. A true thought leader in the space she mixes a bit of the practical with the magical in order to help people reach their maximum potential. This one is a little different from our usual episodes, but I think you'll absolutely love diving into the how and why of how Jennifer built this business and created her dream life.

In this episode, we're talking through her transition from professional sports to entrepreneurship, we dive into the nitty-gritty of what it means to create a successful YouTube channel these days, and what the business model looks like when you're following a path like this one. We also completed a tarot reading on me, your host and hype girl, as Jen lays my soul bare for everyone to see. This was a first for me so I’m bare with me on it.

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This is Jennifer Neville for Female Startup Club.

Welcome back to the show. It's Doone Here, your host and hype girl in business. If you're new here, every week we learn from seven, eight and nine figure female founders. to understand their blueprint in business when it comes to money, marketing, and mistakes. Women like Jennifer Neville, the founder of Live Zen with Jen.

Jen is a former professional golfer turned celebrity astrologer and YouTube psychic. Yep, you heard that right. It's a little different today. Jen has found her path helping people find their passion and purpose in life through astrology and spirituality. A true thought leader in the space, she mixes a bit of the practical with the magical in order to help people reach their maximum potential.

This episode is a little different from our usual episodes, but I think you're going to absolutely love diving into the how and why of how Jennifer built this business and created her dream life. In this episode, we're talking through her transition from professional sports to entrepreneurship. We dive into the nitty gritty of what it means to create a successful YouTube channel these days, and what the business model looks like when you're following a path like this one.

We also did a tarot reading on me, your host and hype girl as Jen lays my soul bare for everyone to see. This was a first for me, so please bear with me on it. Alrighty, let's get straight into this episode. This is Jen for Female Startup Club. Jennifer! Hi! Welcome to the Female Startup Club podcast. Hi, thank you so much for having me.

I'm so excited for today. How's your day going? What time is it for you? Where are you? I am in Tampa, Florida. So right now it is 11 a. m. So I'm just getting my day started or I've already sort of done a little bit of work today. So just Getting to break up the day with this quick little interview. I love that.

How do you like to start your day and Kind of set yourself up for having a great day. So I feel like it varies I'm not somebody who has like a strict morning routine I really like to every morning check in with myself and see what I feel like doing so say if I have A heavy work day. Um, I might focus more of my energy and attention to getting some of that work done first thing in the morning.

That's when I have the most energy. And then. Some mornings I don't have like that jam packed of a schedule, so I'm like okay, well let's go on our little hot girl walk this morning and grab a coffee and see what inspiration takes over. Oh my god, I love that. That resonates with me so much. I'm someone that's like, very mood driven.

I hate making plans in advance. I need to just be like, What is the mood of today? Exactly. What's today going to look like when I wake up? I'm really excited about today. It's a little different to what we usually have on the show in terms of the, the style of business we have on the show. So I'm really excited.

Do you want to start by giving us a little bit of an introduction into who you are and what your business is? All right. Well, my name is Jen. I have. A YouTube channel where I read tarot and I talk about astrology, but even bigger than that, before I stumbled on the whole YouTube journey, I was a professional golfer and I'm very passionate about mindset and anybody who does know about astrology, I have a lot of earth in my chart.

I know we're going to talk about that later, but I'm also big on. Business and finances and, you know, building and just creating from that standpoint. So I like to incorporate a lot of that in my teachings, a lot of the manifestation and sort of subconscious mindset around building success, building successful platforms, successful businesses, and really just helping other people do the same.

I think that's kind of. My core passion and having fun getting to create from a place. That is just fun, you know and get paid to do that Mm hmm. Yep. I hear you resonating so much again. Yeah, how do you go from? pro golfer to Astrologer like that's such an interesting. I mean, we've never had anyone on the show who has been a pro golfer before or So I'm very excited.

Yeah. So I dedicated like my whole life to pursuing a career in golf or, you know, I went to college and in college I studied PR, but I knew I wanted to play golf or at least attempt to, so once I had made it there and I started traveling and I'd be traveling every single week, I kind of had this. I made this decision that, you know, this isn't the life for me, but I learned a lot through my golf career because I would do yoga and I would meditate.

So I started doing all of this stuff when I was really young to hone in on like the mental side of thing. Golf is such a mental sport. So I started kind of learning about my subconscious mind. And doing all this mindset stuff when I was really young and it was something I was really passionate about and passionate talking about it.

And I also was just always the girl who was like, what's your sign and interested in spirituality. So even my nickname on tour was Zen Jen or everybody would come to me like asking me what's going on in the stars right now. So I was kind of the, the girl with that information. And after I'd quit playing golf, I really dove into my spirituality just to kind of figure out what's next in life.

So I was doing Reiki, I was doing yoga. I was getting my Reiki certification. I knew I wanted to do something service based and I wanted to have a platform where I could help people pursue their. Dreams and passions. And I would watch all these terrible readings because I was so lost. And then I kind of was like, why don't I have a channel reading tarot?

Like I read tarot, I should start my own channel. And after like a year of saying that to myself, I finally just did it. And it blew up. And from there I was able to kind of stack and build to create exactly what I wanted to create the service based business, you know? Oh my gosh. I love that. That is so cool.

Before we talk about your channel, well, actually we're going to talk about YouTube a bit later in the episode, but I just want to understand when you were young, like. You know, how old are we talking when you kind of got into mindset and manifestation and going to, to yoga and meditating and things like that?

And how did you get into that as a young person? So, gosh, I started playing golf when I was probably like, seriously, probably nine years old. Then I started competing at around 12 years old, and I had coaches and, you know, a lot of, I was really fortunate to be in the sphere of like, I had a really good friend who his dad was a, like a big time, um, golfer, like Hall of Fame golfer.

I had like two Hall of Fame, two or three like Hall of Famers around me. And I got to, I think it was like a by proxy. You, you listen to these people and what they say to you. And it's just like, it rubs off on you. And I think that's what like the great thing about. The world and technology and social media now is like, all you have to do is like, listen to somebody talk, who's done what you want to do.

And it like unlock something in your brain. So I don't know when I transition, but I know my dad would put like sports psychologist, this, he had like the cassette tapes and every time we would drive to tournament, he would have these cassette tapes on loop. And I remember it would drive me crazy. Like, can't we just listen to music, but.

Somehow that like programmed my mind and I was so fascinated by by the mindset of it all and how like the confidence factor and things like that. So I don't know. I started really early, probably in high school, being More like disciplined with it. That is so Interesting and so key to start so young. Oh my god.

Wow So today I know that we're gonna do a little bit of a live Reading and full disclosure for anyone listening. I am Um, not super in the loop in this space, so I'm going to need you to break everything down for me as a total beginner. Um, I want to understand just before we start the reading, what is the actual work of an astrologer?

Like, what does it mean to be an astrologer and do tarot readings and things like that? So I think there's so many different styles of like astrologers and tarot readers that it really just depends for me I like to use it as a tool an intuitive tool to help my clients like find What it is that they're passionate about or what their purposes or some unblock you?

What's your current blockage things like that? But, I mean, you could go to some psychics who are, uh, gonna, like, predict the future for you. Astrology can do that, and I can do that with astrology. I just tend to lean more towards you can create your own future, so I don't like to... Pigeonholed somebody into the planets are saying like, this is your future type of thing.

I like to be like, the planets are saying, this is your potential. And once I get into yours, like you'll kind of see that it's pretty interesting and it's spookishly accurate. And I saw a creator talk about this, that she was a scientist and they're like, how can you be a scientist and believe in astrology?

And she was like, because it is science, when you look at astrology, not the stuff that you're reading in Cosmo magazine, but basically like the correlation, she's like, there's a difference between correlation and causation, and correlation is science. When Mars is here, It means that after studying trends for years, this tends to happen when Mars is located here in the sky.

And so there's some kind of correlation. We don't know what the causation is. That's where spirituality comes into play. But it can be really... really accurate if you start actually studying it, you know? And for someone like you who has studied it and has obviously been kind of in this space for such a long time, can anyone be an astrologer or do you have to have kind of like a, just a, like a, gosh, I don't even know what the words are here.

Like a feeling, or do you study to be an astrologer? So you would study to be an astrology. Some people have like that strong intuition. I think we're all capable of being highly intuitive beings. It's just a matter of, it's like working with the muscle, but no, you would, you could like, you could start today and study astrology and become an astrologer.

Wow. Okay. Cool. Okay. Let's do the reading. I'm super excited. I don't know what to expect. I don't know how this thing kind of goes, so you take it away. Okay, well I'm just going to give you the basics because I'm guessing you've never heard what your moon sign is or your ascendant. No, I'm a Leo. That's all I have for you.

Yes. You're a Leo, but okay. Basically you have like this wheel and it's got 12 houses. So your rising sign, a lot of people focus on sun signs. So yeah, you're a Leo. So that's like your son is in Leo, but that's a 30 day window. And it points more towards your core motivations. And a lot of people get wrapped up and like, but I don't.

feel like my sign and that's probably because it really doesn't have that big of an overarching, but that's like pop culture, right? It's like, Oh, I'm a Leo, but you have your ascendant sign, which is essentially going to mark like your entire kind of path or your chart. And that is based off of like a two hour time window.

So it's, and then it kind of shows where all your planets fall into. So for you, you're a Pisces rising, which is important to know. Cause whenever somebody asks you now, you can be like, Oh, my rising sign is Pisces, which is interesting because Pisces are known to be very spiritual or they have like very strong imaginations or ability to connect to like the ethers.

So. Having that as your Ascendant, you have some kind of strong ability. For me, looking at your chart, it probably manifests in your creative sphere, or the way that you express yourself. Your moon sign is again, it shows us where your emotional needs are, um, or how you meet those, how to meet those needs.

You have your moon in Capricorn. I'm also a Capricorn moon. Unfortunately, the moon doesn't like to be in Capricorn, so it's in a little bit of detriment, which just means that you have a lot of emotions, you just don't know how to process them all the time. And what's interesting... Oof, that's spot on.

What's interesting is your moon is conjunct Saturn. And it's in your 11th house, which makes sense to me because Capricorn is the sign of, it's like the authoritarian, the boss, the leader. It's all about career and how are we gonna keep getting better, how do we grow. So the fact that your moon is conjunct Saturn, it tells me one, You're probably like, I don't have time for, like, anytime something emotional happens for you, you're probably like, I don't have time for this, like, I'm not, we don't have to, we're, we're gonna fall into the routine.

And then on top of that, it's in your 11th house of friends, or social circles for me with the social media age, this to me is like, represents social media as well, so the fact that you have a podcast that's all about it. Female startups and starting your business and how to grow and scale your business.

It just makes sense Like i'm gonna take on that moon maternal sense and like bring you guys into the fold and help you With practical advice about how we can take like facts over feelings. Okay, let me give you like the practical, logical advice for how you're going to grow. But there's also, Neptune is in this conjunction, so Neptune to me is always about the imagination, creativity.

There is this ability that you have that's like, Very visionary, like I think you have a lot of visionary qualities about seeing the future or like Innovation and seeing where the future is headed Which is interesting because your son so here the son comes into play and as a real deal Astrologer I would look at the house that it falls into so like I said you have 12 houses And they all represent different areas of life So your Leo son falls into your sixth house of routine, day to day health.

So I would say that your day to day is a very important focus for you. And because Leo is the sign of creativity and self expression, this is so good because you really have consistent energy when it comes to creating and expressing yourself. But you also have what's called the South Node. Our nodes are like our lines of destiny, let's say.

So our South node can be interpreted as what comes naturally to us, but we need to move towards our North node, which is our line of destiny and say South node would be also if you were to believe in past lives, like this is something that, a lesson that you're bringing in from your past life, but let's just look at it for this context as this is.

Energy that comes naturally to you that you need to move forward with So sometimes you might have a tendency to get really stuck in the mundane and get really focused on your day to day routine where you need to almost implement more of the bigger picture like focusing more on your subconscious more on the less on the how and more on like incorporating a little bit of spirituality into your life and like I have this vision for the future.

I don't know how I'm going to get there, but it's gonna happen. As long as I keep visualizing this for the future, because I feel like for you, you get really hung up in like your day to day routine, and then it frustrates you because you're like, how am I supposed to get heat from here to here? And spirituality, Is gonna help you do that or like some kind of spiritual, whether it's manifestation, whether it's like yoga or something that's going to expand your, your inner world and your subconscious mind will help you with that.

That's so interesting. So then in terms of love, your Venus is in Virgo and your seventh house. So I do feel like relation, you, you like to be in a relationship, but you're very picky. Yeah. You're very picky with who you enter into a relationship with, so I would ask you, are you married now, or are you? I'm married, yeah.

Okay, so I would go ahead and venture to say that the first person That you felt like, kind of like was worthy, you probably married. So, yeah, I mean, close, close. I had two, like I had one serious boyfriend, but then I decided to move overseas. But we were together long term, definitely saw each other in that way.

But then I really wanted to move. So I moved overseas. And then I met my now long term partner slash husband. And, again, the same, like, it very, um, could see a future with him. Yeah, and communication is probably something that's really important to you in relationships. And also somebody who's active, and who you can do, like, you can learn with, you can grow with.

Maybe, um, also I feel like you probably tend to go for partners who are more analytical than you are. Like they help you kind of, they help you kind of practicalize some of the ideas that you have, but I do feel like you have from what I can tell. Is you have a lot of, you have a lot of really big ideas, but your gap that you need to bridge is the not, not, not getting stuck in like, well, that's not practical.

I have these like really big ideas. How do I practically do that? I'm sure if you were to look back on your life and be like, well, all of my success came from times where I was like, I don't know how that's going to happen. But. I know it's going to happen type of thing, you know? Wow. That's so interesting.

And that's definitely very spot on. I'm someone definitely who has like. the ideas and I'm very creative and my husband is someone who is very like practical, pragmatic, knows how to get from A to B. He's much more. Yeah. He studied a Master of Maths. He's very, yeah, very analytical. The total opposite of me.

Oh, that's really interesting. Is that like, with all this information, what is someone meant to do with that information? Well, so even kind of what I'm saying to you of like, Implement spirituality. And like, that is my sound advice to you is find some kind of spiritual development where you can learn how to either like start learning about manifesting, like reading.

say Neville Goddard or Joe Dispenza Start incorporating Maybe a little bit more of the woo woo into your life is gonna really really help you. What is the woo woo? well, woo woo is like astrology and I But like how would you incorporate that? I mean like do you mean like Reading your horoscopes every day, or do you mean like, I don't know what you mean.

I think a starter pack for you is, have you heard of Joe Dispenza? Dr. Joe Dispenza? No. Start with Dr. Joe Dispenza breaking the habit of being you. Okay. Start with, cause then it's like you dip your toes into say Joe Dispenza or an Abraham Hicks. Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? Okay, so see, you start dipping your toes into these things, and that's like, to you that might be woo woo, to me I'm like, oh yeah, that makes total sense, I'm currently studying hypnotherapy, so I'm learning all about like, subconscious stuff, and putting like, the logical to the woo woo, so if you were to start reading those things, That's, it's gonna help you.

I'm gonna start reading those things. Yeah, whereas you're probably like I want to read about Sarah Blakely and know like what were the practical steps she took. And I'm telling you, if you expand to, like, reading someone like, say, Dr. Joe Dispenza, who's just gonna talk about, like, subconscious stuff that happens, it's gonna help you, kind of, lead you to the path that you want to be on.

Got it. And so for someone like you, doing these kind of... And, and tarot readings and birth charts and those kinds of things. What is the business model for an astrologer? Like, what are you, like, how do you monetize? Is it monetized through the channel on YouTube? Is it monetized through courses? Is it monetized through all of the above?

What's your business model? All of the above. I think what it started off as was I would post on my channel. I would do readings, 30 minute readings, and then I. Migrated into okay. Well, let me create like a tarot course. Let me do this Let me do one on one coaching Once I started like incorporating the astrology because I was like, well if i'm gonna charge for astrology I already knew how to do it.

But I was like if i'm gonna charge for it. I need to Do like more studying so I took like a course and then from there I I'll charge for sessions, but I kind of tweak them to Okay, this is personal development and mindset and kind of like how I just offered you that information. Like, what are your goals?

And the astrology or the tarot is kind of just like a tool that's incorporated, you know? Right. Okay. So you would kind of do what you've just done for me, but then incorporate maybe something like a tarot card reading and be like, this is what it's saying for the moment. Yeah. And that's the beauty of growing platforms on social media is you have, cause for me, say my, what I was just telling you, my ultimate dream was like, how do I get to have passive income?

How do I get to passive streams of income? That's what I'm most. Concerned with I want the freedom to create whenever I feel like it And that was like the beauty of growing a platform Was I could create like a subscription service I can sell digital products, but not everybody wants to put their time and energy into growing a platform.

And your, for your YouTube channel, I'd love to talk about this for a little bit longer because you have about 120, 000 followers there. I think I read that you started in maybe 2018 or maybe you just said that. I can't remember. Yeah. But what was your strategy? To growing the YouTube channel, was it just consistent posting like, you know, X amount of times per week and that was it, or was there more to it?

Consistency. Consistency is... The key for everything in life, and this was something that I translated from Say my golfing career was that I was like success There's a recipe to success and no matter what you're doing whether it's like I'm gonna become a professional golfer Or I'm going to become a YouTube star It's the consistency you gotta commit to it.

You got to do it every single day And I'm sure that's how it is with product based businesses and starting a podcast. It's like, you've got to show up consistently and know that like the first couple of months that you do it, it's not going to yield. Cause that's like, for me with golf, what I learned was like, I spent.

17 years playing golf. And of those like four, eight years, I didn't get an RL. Well, I got my college scholarship, so I got my college paid for it, but there were years of work that I had to put into it that I didn't get a return on investment until. for five years. Same with the YouTube. Maybe I didn't get the movement that I wanted in the first month, but I stayed consistent and by like three to six months it was working for me.

So how many videos were you posting a week and when was it around the like three to six months you started to gain traction? I gained traction really early on. But I was able to, like, I think in six months I had turned it into a six figure business. Right. But I was posting all 12 of the Zodiac signs for maybe three times a month.

I was doing 12 Zodiac sign readings. So I was posting. 36 videos a month. Oh, yeah. Okay. Right. Yeah, a lot of content. A lot of content and okay at the six month mark when you've turned it into six figure business So it's doing over a hundred thousand dollars at that point Up to um a million dollars. Yes, just try to get my my bearings right here somewhere in that space How many followers did you have and was it monetized through AdSense or was it monetized through AdSense and brand deals?

So it was actually monetized through AdSense, but AdSense wasn't my big earner. My big earner was the subscription service. I'd sell like a 10 subscription to like extended readings or bonus features. And then that was like the big chunk of it. And then from there, it was like. People would book personal readings with me, or if I had courses.

So then it was kind of like, like I said, I'd film 36 videos a month, right? But, of those videos, I was making a passive income off of it. From the subscription service. Wow. That's amazing. And so now are you still doing this subscription service or is it more AdSense because the channel is bigger? So I've been pivoting, which I think like it happens a lot as an entrepreneur, I would say.

I kind of got, obviously I burnt myself out doing that much and you get so niche down that it's like, I don't want to get stuck in this niche. So I don't do all the signs anymore. I just do Virgo cause my, it's like supply and demand. My Virgos are the ones who are just loyal and always showing up to my videos.

So I do Virgo readings. I do like a collective reading. So I'm not making what I was back in the day with that, but I've also transitioned to where. I'm studying hypnotherapy and I'm trying to expand beyond this niche and whoever wants to come with me gets to come with me. And I think that's also any business that you're in, especially an entrepreneurial one, it's always great to take timeframes to invest in yourself.

So my hypnotherapy school is, you know, it's like a. 7, 000 investment, but it's something that's going to make me a better teacher, a better coach, and also just like help me with my own personal life. Yeah, absolutely. Last question on the YouTube thing. And then I want to shift gears and talk more about manifestation and mindset.

Do you think that in 2023, there is still potential to grow a YouTube channel the way that you grew it kind of like coming in, being like, yep, I'm going to create like really consistent content at scale, or do you think that? It's shifted so much and now it's a saturated kind of thing starting a YouTube channel.

I think that you can still do it and that's like, you know, the beauty of also having something like TikTok. For me, I love the algorithm concept of TikTok and it's easier to film little short form videos. But again, it's a job. It's a job that requires you to be very consistent and to Like I said, expect that in the beginning, you're going to be like, am I doing this for nothing?

But it's also learning. So I'll consume a lot of content, but intentionally I'm looking at like, okay, what is working? What's not. And I especially do this on Tik TOK. Cause I was like, I had a Tik TOK that had 45, 000 followers on it and that it talks about astrology and spirituality. And I was like, okay, I want to niche out of this.

And I stopped posting on it. So the algorithm kind of shot me out. I started one from zero on July 7th from zero followers. And now it's at, it's gonna hit a thousand soon. And I had a video go viral. But again, it was me posting every single day. Showing up every single day. Even when I'm like, is this even working?

So, If you're creating good content, there's going to be people out there who want to consume it and learn from it. So I wouldn't, I wouldn't let that fear stop you of like, Oh no, what if it's already too saturated? Yeah. And I think that's such an important message for anyone listening. Who's kind of been thinking like, damn, have I missed the tick tock boat?

Is it, is it too saturated? Like. I just feel like there is so much potential on TikTok specifically and YouTube shorts, I guess as well, but it's never too late to start even on Instagram. Really. I'm still seeing people who are starting Instagram accounts from scratch and just totally blowing up with consistency and high value content.

Yes, exactly. I think it's about the value and the creativity or authenticity. That's why I love TikTok. I'm like TikTok, people are always looking for new takes and people are just sitting there scrolling. Like even me, I'll, I'll catch myself just scrolling through sometimes mindlessly. Yeah. I, I have to really try and be quite intentional about when I go on and what I'm doing it for.

Cause I can get sucked into three hours of like, laughing out loud at like stupid shit that I have so much fun with. And then I'm like, Oh my God, what have I just done? And my friends are like, can you stop sending me videos? I want to talk about manifestation and affirmations and mindset. I know that you talk a lot about this in your content and I want to understand kind of like, you know, How to do that, how to use manifestation as a tool, especially in business.

How do you like you specifically, how do you envisage and kind of manifest and dream to get to the things that you want? So I have like a very simplified technique because again, I feel like manifestation is one of those buzzwords where people are like, Oh, woo woo, that's woo woo. And they immediately disregard it.

But manifestation is really just. About your subconscious mind like what you're training your subconscious mind to Be comfortable the energy that you're training it to be comfortable in so One of my biggest things is really the whole, there's like a concept around manifestation that's like, in order to manifest, you have to act as if.

So if I were to be starting a brand new YouTube channel, I... And I were the person who's like concerned of like, what if people don't like my stuff? Then you're already from a subconscious level creating from this space of like, you know, whereas if I were to just already be the YouTuber with a million, 10 million subscribers, I'm going to show up and film content in a different energy and headspace, you know, Yes, yes, 100%.

So it's almost, and like, that's what I like to do with TikTok, is I like to go look at, or TikTok or YouTube, I like to go look at people who are already successful, and see like, what are they creating? What is the energy that they're embodying? And then, I've recently become really big with the affirmations because I have, like, my three step process where I'm like, Okay, what is it that I'm trying to manifest?

So say I want a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers. I'm trying to manifest, why do I want, why do I want a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers? And being honest with yourself, it's because I want to be famous, it's because I want... To have a business that can yield back, like whatever it is, maybe it's not even for business.

Maybe you just want to be a star. And then when you get clear on that feeling, then you can kind of quantum leap into the feeling. Like, well, I already am a star. I already am like a super celebrity. And then that's where the how kind of, you have to give up the how. But what you can do is look at like, what is the blockages?

What are the beliefs in my subconscious mind right now that are saying, Well, you're not a celebrity. Who would ever care what you do? And it's normally like, gets boiled down to like, I'm not enough. I have a fear of being seen. I am not worthy of having people give me their attention. I'm afraid people are gonna judge me.

Whatever it is, if you can Get clear on that and then you start affirming the opposite and training yourself to believe the opposite so Maybe it's like gonna be uncomfortable It's like if you're going to the gym and you're gonna work a muscle that you've never worked before it's gonna be sore So the same with you have to give yourself the adjustment and the lag time but say if my core belief was I'm not enough or I'm afraid to be seen if I keep Testing myself and putting myself out there and getting comfortable in the energy of being seen or even affirming to myself.

It is safe for me to be seen. It is safe for people to give me attention. It is safe for me to whatever. Then in 21 to 30 days, 21 days, let's say to 60 days, your life is just going to look completely different. Just from changing the subconscious beliefs. and operating from this new thought space, right?

So from that new thought space, and like, if you have an affirmation that you're kind of like training yourself to believe, how many times a day do you need to be saying that? Like, I feel like if I was to think about, you know, my negative inner dialogue, Or, or if I have something that's blocking me, that could be like a million times a day that it comes into your mind.

Or is that it? You just say it a million times a day? So, actually, I have like a, cause I'm an over thinker. I am terrible at this. So, what I learned in my hypnotherapy training is, one, we're in trance. When, we're in trance multiple times throughout the day when we're on like autopilot. So when you're in the shower, when you're driving.

So your subconscious is wide open and these are the times that you're spiraling right or you have a tendency to spiral So what I started doing because the music that you're listening to in the car either you need to have like a really pump up playlist, but you know, sometimes we listen to those sad songs and then Our subconscious mind is like wide open for that and it's like It feels kind of good to feel sad right now, and then it'll keep spiraling and then I've started listening to and there's so many affirmation loops on youtube There's like one channel in specific that I really like because their voice is so soothing but i'll listen to those when i'm driving especially if i'm reprogramming because By the time you hit, it takes 21 days to form a habit.

I'll go the extra distance to the 30 days, but by the time you do, if you do this for an hour a day, where you hyper fixate on specific thoughts, so say this affirmation tape, I will be like, I am more than enough. I am this, and I'll go on my walk, and I'll listen to affirmations, and I'll repeat the affirmations.

Your brain chemistry is going to naturally start thinking in the new way. So, by 21 to 30 days, you're going to see that, like, your thoughts kind of don't even go where they went before. You know? And this is like, where I, I have a little bit of fun with it and say I started 30 days ago, I started an affirmation.

I was looking to manifest something totally different, but I was saying like, I am more than enough. I am a priority. I am loved and adored. I'm beautiful and sexy, all these things. And then what it did inspire me to do was get on Tik TOK every day and film videos every day and get excited about that. So, that was kind of a by product of me making these affirmations and just kind of observing how my life starts changing, you know?

Yeah, I love that. And I start showing up differently. Yeah, showing up in the version of the person you're... wanting to embody or, or become essentially, you're just being that person. Yeah, I love that. And I think it's so important, especially for small business owners and business owners who we can get in that trap of feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, not understanding why it's not happening for us because it's happening for other people.

And you can spiral really easily. I mean, I know I can spiral really easily. And so kind of, you know, working on what you're saying, like being in that, when you're in that vulnerable trance, like state putting in real positive messages, like on repeat, on repeat, on repeat to try and train your mind to be more positive.

I love that. That's key. Wow. Thank you. Thank you for all these amazing insights and tips. I love it. What's your best piece of advice for anyone who is interested in, in kind of being in this space or learning more about manifestation and astrology and all these things? My best piece of advice is kind of like I said, like getting your feet wet, like Start off, maybe don't go, like, into the deep end on your first thing, or just starting off with trusting your own intuition, too.

Like, we all have this, and kind of like, my best advice is what I just said, is Look at it as like, this is a muscle that I'm going to start working out. This is like, if I were to go to the gym and start a new gym routine, this is like something that is just going to benefit you on a mental level and what's better than to do something nice for yourself.

True. Very true. I love that.

Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions.

Question number one is what's your why? Why do you wake up every day and build this business and focus on these channels and everything that you're doing? I think it's It's the ability to be able to help other people kind of find their direction. And it's stemming from, I guess my selfish why too, is that I get to explore myself creatively and I get to have these life experiences.

Good and bad. And then I kind of get to share these things and get that feedback of, Oh, this really helped me or this perspective shift helped me see something differently and find this success. And I just feel like. The ability that like something that I might've experienced and have trouble with, I can help somebody else through is really fulfilling.

Question number two is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far in business? I got to be on the cover of a magazine for like a spirituality and psychic stuff. So that was a pretty, a pretty fun experience. That was a fun marketing moment where I got to feel like a little bit like I'm like, I feel like a celebrity.

I love that for you. Wow, cover of a magazine. Holy shit. That's cool. Yeah. You gotta frame it. I know. Question number three is what's your go to business resource? What is a book or a podcast or a newsletter that you're consuming at the moment to kind of learn and level up? My go to business resource, I have so many.

I've been using TikTok as like a Google search engine. So I'll kind of just Google, I'll use it as like Google and be like, how do I invest or how to, what stocks should I be investing in? Or what should I do? In this sphere, but I was stalking your Tik TOK today and somebody who's, I'm a big fan of Sophia Amoroso, even just kind of following these CEOs or, um, like the Sarah Blake Lees.

And that's kind of like my hidden little secret of like these women who started these like massive e com businesses. It's like my guilty pleasure to go watch them. And watch, like consume all of their interviews and content. Yeah. Love. I hear you. I'm there with you. Question number four is how do you win the day?

What are your AM or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated? Honestly, the affirmations, the affirmations. Help me win the day. Just taking that hour or meditating, just kind of giving myself that hour or time period of mental relaxation and peace and like just feeding myself these yummy, healthy thoughts, that's my win the day.

Yummy, healthy thoughts. I love that. I really love that question. Number five is what's been your worst money mistake in business. And how much did it cost you? Um, I feel like I'm fortunate that I haven't had a lot, but I've definitely invested in courses that I feel I didn't really get. Anything out of or any use out of, but I feel like I try to put a positive spin on everything because then I'm like, okay, well that investment showed me what I shouldn't be doing.

Yep. I hear you. I've been there and I think my most expensive course that I've boughten didn't like, it was like 1, 200, but I became way more intentional about those things afterwards. Yeah, a clear learning. Yeah. And last question, question number six, what is just a crazy story, good or bad from your journey in this space?

And I'm thinking like, I'm wondering if you've had kind of a crazy story where you've done like a tarot reading or predicted something and for someone that's come true or something like that. So my crazy story that I was going to say, I've definitely had those. I've had some crazy readings where it's like, It could be like a TV show, but I think in the beginning when I started my channel, I would offer readings for, and this is like, can funnel into like a good piece of business advice.

I would offer my readings at like 30 for 30 minutes. So a dollar a minute, because I was still not confident enough that like, Oh, I'm helping people. And I would get some like very crazy, crazy people who would call me. And it took a lot of energy because these people were, um, you know, finding me online and then it's like 30.

And then I'd be on the phone with them for 30 minutes and they'd be asking me like a little bit crazy questions. And I was like, I don't want to align with this. But the beauty of that was that I learned to raise my prices. And when you raise your prices, it weeds out a lot of, you know, the chaos. Yes, yes.

I feel like that's something we hear over and over again is like, whatever you're charging, like, double, triple it. Raise your prices. Yeah, don't be afraid to raise your prices. Do you have one crazy story, one crazy, like, reading that came true that you can share? I mean, I have so many readings that come true, but one of the craziest, one of the craziest experiences that I've had reading was like, There was some guy who was having an affair and I think the mistress came to me and then the mistress found out there was another mistress, so then she recommended me to the other mistress, so then the other mistress comes to me and then there was like a little girlfriend, another one, so they all were coming to me for the readings.

But one stayed, the one that was like the main mistress, I guess. She stayed, like, as a client of mine. And I love her. Such good vibes from her. But I kept predicting, I was like, he's gonna get, there's gonna be a lawsuit against him, there's gonna be a lawsuit against him. And then I think like a year later, she was like, oh my gosh, the lawsuit came out.

But even this week, I had one of my regular clients, and I was doing her astrology, and I was like, You're going to have a plumbing problem this week. It was so specific and random. And then she texted, I was like, you're going to have to spend money on something, but don't worry about it. You have money coming back to you.

And then she messaged me. She's like, it wasn't plumbing. It was. a fender bender. I got in a fender bender and then she emailed me three days later. She's like, just kidding. It was plumbing. There's a leak in my apartment. So I was like, oh my God, that is so weird. Yeah. Sometimes I'm like, damn, I'm even impressed.

Wow. Holy shit. That's really cool. Really, really cool. Oh my gosh. Wow. This was amazing. Jen, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your insights and your knowledge and talking about all this stuff that just sounds so good for the soul. I need to spend more time doing affirmations and manifestation and I'm really grateful for having you here.

Yes. Thank you so much for having me. It was so much fun.



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