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How to find a mentor or coach in business

This week, Doone is fresh out of the Melbourne Taylor Swift concert and still in the afterglow of all things the Taylor effect. We then dive straight into the 1-1 coaching format of these co-hosted episode that you've been loving, covering everything from the importance of mentorship, the practical steps in finding a mentor or coach and exactly how this kind of cooperation looks for the modern day entrepreneur.

Mentorship is the word on everyone’s mind - and for good reason. It’s a direct line to some serious brainpower. To further back the case, I came across a (wild) stat that founders who receive guidance from a mentor or a coach increase their annual rev by an average of 83%, whereas entrepreneurs who don't have that extra support only increase their annual revenue by an average of 16%.

Here's how you can go about scoring a mentor in the startup world 👉

  • Don't underestimate the power of your network 🕸️ Look around; your future mentor might be closer than you think. Check your emails, LinkedIn, and that dusty contact list – there might be a seasoned entrepreneur willing to share their wisdom over coffee.

  • But also tap into your network beyond that; ask for reccies 💭 Get a feel for how fellow founders found their mentors & coaches. Craft a clear vision of what you're seeking and start asking around. People love to share their connections, and you might just get a golden recommendation.

  • Keep a list of the movers and shakers you admire ✍️ Whose journey do you find inspiring? Update this list regularly. When the time comes, reach out, offer something in return (maybe a coffee or virtual cupcake), and hit them with some specific, thoughtful questions.

The main thing I want you to take away is that mentorship specifically doesn't always come with a big label. It can develop 🍃organically🍃. No need to pop the question directly; sometimes, it's just about getting to know someone and having enlightening conversations.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Find what works for you, keep it natural, and remember, everyone loves a good conversation over a cup of coffee.



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