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Essential Steps for Pre-Launch

This week we're stoked to jump back into these co-hosted episodes as we dive into a (heavily requested) topic I know you'll love: gearing up towards your launch. Doone chats us through her essential pre-launch playbook, highlighting exactly what you should and should not be focusing on in the three months leading up to the big day. Whether you should launch with a bang or mystery, and how to keep the momentum of your launch going for as long as possible.

So, you've got this incredible idea brewing, and you're ready to unleash it into the world. But wait – before you hit that launch button, let's talk strategy. In our latest hype-girl chat episode, we’re diving into and dishing out the top five essential steps for pre-launch success:

Step 1: Set Your Launch Date and Get Moving 🏃‍♀️

Give yourself a timeline, mark that launch date on your calendar, and let the countdown begin! Whether it's one month or three (I recommend three!), commit to consistent action every day until the big day arrives.

Step 2: Budget, Budget, Budget 💰

Money talks! Even if your budget is tight (or non-existent), outline where you plan to allocate your resources. From influencer gifting to photography, every penny counts.

Step 3: Build Your Lists Like a Boss 📝

Get organised with spreadsheets galore! One master spreadsheet, all the relevant tabs along the bottom. Create a detailed timeline checklist for every task leading up to launch day. Then, brainstorm your marketing strategy and curate your dream 100 list of the area you’re deciding to focus on.

Step 4: Dive into Organic Content Creation 🤳

It's showtime, baby! Fire up those TikTok’s, Reels, and Instagram Stories. Start pumping out content daily to build anticipation and get your audience hyped for what's to come.

Step 5: Action, Follow-Up, Repeat 🔁

Keep the momentum going! Follow up on tasks, engage with your community, and track everything in your trusty document. Before you know it, launch week will be upon you, and the real fun will begin.


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