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A Quick Masterclass in the 1% Method

This week, a quick masterclass in the power of consistency with the 1% method. We chat about what the 1% method is and how you can use it in business, how you can balance consistency with the need to be adaptable, and all the things that have helped Doone stay on track on those low days. A quick, buzzy, gem of an episode for you to plug in on the go or when you're in need of a quick pick-me-up! Loved recording this one.

Let’s talk about the 1% method. If you regularly listen to the podcast, you’ve come across this one before.

The 1% Method = reaping huge rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions.

Instead of getting caught up in the mountains ahead of you to reach your goals, the essence is that you just need to focus on that 1%. The compounded effect will leave you looking back down that mountain, wondering how the hell you got there. Think of it like planting a seed and nurturing it every day until it grows into a mighty oak tree. It's about making small, consistent efforts that compound into significant results in the long run.

Whether it's refining your product, honing your skills, or expanding your network, every small action you take contributes to your overall success. It's about staying focused on the long game and trusting in the process, knowing that even the smallest progress today can lead to monumental achievements tomorrow.

What do I want you to take away from this? Just give yourself the goal of 1%. Say it out loud. Let’s do one percent better. Putting it into your mind, putting it out into the universe. Because when you combine passion with persistence and sprinkle in a little bit of compound magic, there's no limit.



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