How to get thousands of email subscribers & customers, with Cure Hydration’s Lauren Picasso

Joining me on todays’ episode is Lauren Picasso, Founder of Cure Hydration.

Cure Hydration is an organic electrolyte powder that has 4x the electrolytes of sports drinks, but no added or artificial sweeteners, sold in more than 5000 stores.

In this episode Lauren shares her journey to starting the business and how she validated her idea, a crazy to-market launch strategy that landed her thousands and thousands of emails and lessons she’s learned along the way.

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Lauren: Absolutely. My name is Lauren Picasso and I'm the founder of Cure Hydration

Lauren: Cure Is an organic electrolyte mix that's made with plant based ingredients and based on the science behind oral rehydration solution, which is a product that was originally developed by the World Health Organization and is proven to hydrate as effectively as an Iv drip.

Doone: Wow. Sounds amazing. Actually, when I was looking at the website was like, I just want to drink this now for no reason. Sounds really frickin good. Let's go back to life before you started to talk about what got you interested in starting this brand in the first place and why you wanted to go down the pathway of entrepreneurship and starting your own business.

Sure, yeah, absolutely, I'd

Say I'd say my

Lauren: Inspiration for starting my own business really started a long time ago. My father is an entrepreneur and has always really inspired me to start my own business, especially a business that does good. And so that's been something that I've been interested in for a long time. I have spent most of my career in e-commerce and retail, but really more on the startup side. So I was an early employee at Rent the Runway, which was my first taste of the startup world and a really exciting place to be.

I fell in love

With the fast paced nature of startup life and really at the end of the day, just really enjoy solving problems. So after rent the runway, I went to business

School and then was an

Early employee at

Jet Dotcom, started there

About a year before the company launch, came in as the director of marketing and stayed there for four years. So all the way through the Walmart acquisition in twenty sixteen. So a really amazing experience.

Hypergrowth, sort of one of a

Kind of experience, I would say

It's incredible. And so knowing that you wanted to start your own business and going through these startup companies where you were early on, where I'm sure things were very, I don't know, scrappy or lots of different hats that you were wearing. What's that saying? Wearing many hats, you know what I'm saying? What was what then got you inspired to start Kuo? Was there a light bulb moment that you were like, oh, I've got it. I've got the genius idea.

Yeah, it really started as a passion project, actually, I was training for a triathlon a few years

Ago and would come

Back from my long workouts and feel really sick. I would feel nauseous and get headaches. And I really couldn't

Find any products

That really worked for me while I was drinking a lot of water. But it just wasn't enough to replace all of the electrolytes I was losing. And all of the other electrolyte products in the market,

Like the

Sports drinks, you see were just full of added sugar. So the average sports drink actually has thirty six grams of added sugar. And so

Sort of defeats

The whole purpose of what you're trying to do,

Which is exercise

And be

Healthy. And so the

Idea behind

Cure is really

A reformulated version of a formula that was originally developed by the World Health Organization

Called Oral

Rehydration Solution. It's what medical grade products like Pedialyte are based on. So super effective, proven to hydrate as effectively as an IV drip.

But even products

Like Pedialyte or other products that use the same science, they

All are universal,

Using a base of cane sugar and synthetic minerals. And so I wanted to create a product

That was just

As effective but use premium and organic

Ingredients so that I could feel good about

Drinking something like this every single day, not just when I was working out or for some sort of emergency situation.

Totally. How did you know to look at the World Health Organization for that piece of information, or how did you stumble across that?

Just a lot of research,

I first

Discovered Pedialyte, it was this time when Pedialyte was really taking off for adults. So there was this trend where all of a sudden Pedialyte, which is really made for children, started becoming very popular with adults, specifically adults who were hung over. So it became sort of this underground hangover cure. Never heard of


Hilarious. About 50 percent of their sales actually are from adults mostly who are hung over adults. And so I started researching effective hydration solution, stumbled across medical medical grade products like

Pedialyte, and then started learning about this this term

Oral rehydration solution. And that's how I discovered the World Health Organization

Formula, which fortunately,

Because it's been around for over 50 years, has a ton of literature online about the science and all of

The the key

Components of the formula that make it effective.

Gosh, that's so interesting. And so you come across this, you decide that you're going to start dabbling as a side hustle or a passion project. What happens next?

Yeah, so it was really just about getting

That MVP,

The minimum viable product for me, I knew I wanted to take the science and

And but replace it with premium and