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The 6 Q's with Gen George from LMBDW

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Welcome to my first ep of Female Startup Club where I chat to a very talented (read: boss) woman I’m lucky to be able to call a friend, Gen George.

Gen’s successfully exited two businesses in the last 8 years, she runs a Facebook community called LMBDW for women in business that’s grown to more than 120k women worldwide AND she’s working on a third brand that’s disrupting the men’s skincare space (HOLY SMOKES... I know, right.) listen to this episode to see the 6 Q’s I asked Gen and hear more about her story.

It’s a good one. And incase you didn’t catch the intro vid, I started Female Startup Club to learn more from successful female entrepreneurs and women in business and share that knowledge with other women-in-progress (like myself!).

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Also... if you have any requests from who you want to hear from, you can send them through to the suggestion box (aka my DM’s). You can keep in the loop with @femalestartupclub and find @georgegen here 💚

Please note, this transcript has been copy pasted without the lovely touch of a human editor. Please expect some typos!

I am with the lovely gin George. She is a successful female founder, she has exited to businesses successfully in the last eight years. She is the host of a fast growing girl group worldwide called L N B D W. Like minded bitches drinking wine, Which has more than 100,000 women and she is also involved in a new skincare brand for men called the daily.

00:01:22Edit Thanks for having me tell me everything, Tell me what you, I love wine. I live with more on the beach. Um, so where to begin? So my startup journey really started when I was 21 I started a employment marketplace um, called one shift. It grew to about a million candidates, about 45,000 businesses over about a four year period. We then got quiet back in 2016. Um, and then we spun out Advertising tech for marketplaces called tammy, which the team then came on board again for that, you know, once you do it once, why not do it again? Um, and we spun that out and took that global from day one. We grew to a million requests per second in 135 different languages. Uh, and we got the right at the beginning of this year and then like one of which is started in 2015, so jane louis from show po myself, we're basically looking for other bitches who just want to get it done and have a glass of wine, cut the cumbia and just kind of get to it and go, How do I solve my business problems?

00:02:26Edit How do I agree this, what do we do? And you know, now we're 120,000 women strong, we're having our very first conference in Sydney in February 2020. Um, it's called bitch con. So I'm not here heartbreaking mood. You have to be at the next one. And then, yeah, that's that's, that's you in a nutshell. Cool. Also the format for female startup club is to ask six simple questions. So we get the same answers from women absolutely everywhere. Um, so let's get stuck in, but the question is, what's your wife, my wife to have an impact? So whatever we do is about, how do we make sure that it's sustainable? So it can keep having an impact after get out of it or if I drop off the face of the planet tomorrow. So for example, like, like my bitches, it's always been okay, how does this keep replicating and going to different cities and continuing to have an impact with the women on the ground and touch with jane and I drop off the face of the planet tomorrow. This thing keeps going and it's this movement and almost a cult, sometimes it's just scary but awesome.

00:03:28Edit Um as well as, you know, with employment, that was always what it's about. And then also scaling micro places, because I mean we all use them every day. So it's like how do we impact as many people as possible? Yeah. And to break format of it, I'm gonna ask you another question, my bad. I mean, stick to the rules program. Um and so obviously you've got one coming up, This is a huge thing, I think you told me there's 2000 people. It's unbelievable speakers. It's like incredibly affordable as a conference. So that's a huge thing that you're doing for 2020 what else are you doing to keep that impact going? Like how are you innovating in the group and you know, what else is on the horizon on the horizon course so what kind of business is always partnered with a group called the hunger Projects? And it's been about micro financing for women to start businesses and local communities so that they can have a sustainable, again to our sustainability of having an impact that um they don't have to turn up every month for a hand up, it's about giving them micro financing to start businesses to really have a sustainable impact within the royal family and their local community. Um so for us, this is the next step of having local events, um really adding value to the female founders about growing their businesses, making them sustainable to have more choices in their lives.

00:04:36Edit So that family, work career or whatever. Um and then for this conference that it was kind of taking that to the next level, having a larger impact beyond that, I think we might try and start having them in more cities around the world. Yes, do that London paris paris We need to practice my french came and wondering, Yes. Um cool, amazing. Moving on to question #2, which is what was an impactful moment in your business? That's been like a really big deal. Yeah, I think in one of these, when you think back to the beginning, I think that's where you kind of see, you know, I'm a true believer in everything happens for a reason, everything seems. So when you look back in hindsight, it's a funny thing you always got and then that led to that and that led to that, whether it's good or bad thing that happens, the next thing leads to the next thing. It's this chain reaction. Yeah. Um and so when we first, you know, I went on a quit uni um and I was very lucky that my parents were very, you know, you do, you figure out what you want obviously is not for you. I lasted a whole year, I got a scholarship for Bongino on the Gold Coast and so I enrolled in law and property development, sustainability, so you know, sign up for everything sort of double degree, that idea um by the force of the semester, I think this is just not for me, I can't concentrate, I can't, this is filling something out constantly by the rule book just wasn't me.

00:05:58Edit Um so when I went on a gap year to the south France, thinking, you know, I've heard about this thing that people go and work on super yachts, had a lot of fun. The owners come in like a week out of six months, you get paid a whole bunch of money, they feed you, accommodate you and provide the wine because you're in europe, what else can you need exactly, living the good life? Okay, So by making the choice of going, I don't want to do unique just to have some fun and then work out what I want to do. It then made me start one shift going, well, I need some work to hold for 30 days. I need one of ships, which they, cause that's when I came back to Australia after and then started that. And then within six months we're in my other turning point was a current affair. And the f are in the same week, First week of December 2012 and I saw us and went, Hey, we want to be a part of this. Yeah. So within under a year old, had you planned to have investment? So you're just like, oh wow, okay, email doesn't love to catch up coffee and what you're doing and see how we can work together.

00:06:59Edit And they had this whole vision of how this business could come together within the traditional model of self service, digital offer. Yeah. And what the ecosystem would look like. They had their 5, 10 year plan right now going, hey, can you fit into this? And we're like, oh yeah, that's, that's what you get into that. That's a Great Vision. We'll head that way. You know, 21 had no, I was like, just to see what happens. Yeah. Everything just kind of, and then the next thing, that's the next thing and it's a very fortunate with every encounter over experience with, wow, incredible. Um, so number three question is, how do you win the day? And that's really focusing on mindset rituals, little tips and tactics that you might have that are like, you're kind of secret formula for performance. Um, Yeah, definitely. I think everyone talks about this book, changed my life or listen to this podcast. I'm horrible at reading and listening for more than 30 seconds, maybe a minute. We'll see how we go. But I think you've got to find what suits you. And so for me it's about spending good quality time with my family, friends or my partner. Um, and then shout out to my partner for putting up with everything.

00:08:01Edit Um, and then, yeah, and then training, you know, so I go to the gym, I go for a swim and try to make sure I'm outdoors. So go for a swim in the sea pool, do some laps and just put the phone down, movement. Yes, some light feed on the grass in the sand told me that it's amazing how weird that sounds, but also has such a profound impact bare feet on the grass and just breathe. Yeah, it seems to be really good. I should do it more often, write some. All right. Um, so that leads me to the next question, which is where you hang out to get smarter as you just said, you don't have that books, the books and the podcast. But if you were hanging out with books and podcasts or somewhere else on the internet, I actually do that by going hang out with people exploring a new topic or a new concept or what we're trying to figure out how to do it myself. I'll actually just approach people go, hey, can we catch up and just chat about this? Can you explain why you're doing it a little better through seeing, feeling touching than, you know, reading pages and pages?

00:09:03Edit I switch off, but then when it comes to apparently the best things to read and listen to is I think it's a podcast called how I built that everyone. That's amazing. I listen to every episode. You get somewhere and let me know what I should listen to. Give you the top. Yeah, that's a great idea. And I think that I wish when I wish existed was can someone do this please? Um, internships for like founders. I want to go and spend like three months like working with crazy founders and being like, I'll just do all your shift, I'll be your assistant. Just let me come in there and like look around and be part of what you're doing so much. Right. Just being a part of other people out of your final. Yeah, just some, some different industry could be like something totally random. It would be so cool. I love that. That's where I want to hang out to get you in turn can be your please. Well, okay. Yeah, actually I think I'm gonna dream about that before.

00:10:08Edit Um number five, I think we're up to when you faced with failure? How do you deal with it and what did you learn a specific example? Can just be like what your approaches to issues in general whatever you want definitely. So with tammy we actually made the wrong infrastructure choice. So there was a strategic change with um G. C. P. Service to AWS is with their locations which sounds fine but then when you're working with a real time better and you have to make bids for ads within a point something millisecond um there can be a point something millisecond delay which means all your kids get canceled and then you get avoided from the system right? So you can't even auction bid by anything right? And obviously for marketing bidding business that's a bad idea. That's a big no no. So for us it was about them having to rebuild that, the cost the delays, everything dealing with customers trying to keep delivering what we're supposed to be doing well doing this in the background with four other priorities. Um To say that we called more than one all night. I pull their hair out. It was a massive impact and it really sucks.

00:11:10Edit But I think I'm a big believer in just going okay. It is what it is, write down exactly what you know what are the top three things you need to do next deal with the first three and then find out the next three and then find out you just gotta keep moving like, yeah it's just eventually saw itself. Yeah. And it sounds like you would have learned a lot in that experience, how to avoid that in future, How to carry service or find service online and Have your own service to transfer things over how to buy USB fans because it gets to plus 30° in the city of the summer because the airplane's off on the weekend. So your service don't crash asked me about that. Crazy. Um, and question number six is the last question. If you only had $1000 left to spend in your business bank account, Yeah, Would you spend it? See, I'm a huge believer in the old school hustle. Um, so I would be doing making content depending on who your customers are. Um, so for jewelry business I would be literally going in interviewing women and getting them to where the jury and talk about the jewelry and their businesses and other things and then getting them to share it out in their own networks.

00:12:11Edit That's free. It's your time. I would then also look at trying to create partnerships and collaborations through tools like Columbus Soros, which is like $90 a month for $45. A and we're back the time. Lucky we just had a little interruption from my Auntie Debra calling, I am. Uh, So then I would then um, partnerships, clever source, which is like $45, a month, something like that. So it's super cheap to get really meaningful, high scale partnerships that are not on pay to post situations, but it's how you share audiences. So hey here, my customer, I need to get them out to this brand. These kinds of people you have that have a cross post or, or whatever ways that don't involve money to exchange. I'm gonna sign up right now. Yes, I'm coming for you. Cool. Well that's the six questions and thanks for watching Female startup club.



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