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Every Podcast That Covers Kim K’s Skims

Every Podcast That Covers Kim K’s Skims

It’s no secret that Kim K is one of the most successful businesswomen of our time. So, if you want to learn more about how she became successful and her popular brand, SKIMS, listening to the right podcasts can be a great starting point.

Several podcasts, such as IRL Podcast, and All’s Fair, have interviewed Kim K herself. Life with Marianna and Deep Dive into Business discuss Kim K and her majorly successful brand SKIMS and why/how it became increasingly popular.

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The rest of this article will go over each podcast in a little bit more detail and what information they give on Kim K and her brand SKIMS. So if you’re interested, keep reading!

IRL Podcast

On the IRL podcast, host Angie Martinez sits down with Kim Kardashian to talk about family and her busy work life. Kim opens up about how SKIMS almost had a different name but was changed immediately after she received criticism of the name because it was appropriating a certain culture.

Parts of Kim’s success are her listening to her fans and taking criticism so that she can constantly improve her brand and image. This shows that a brand will sell out more when the fans feel as if their suggestions are heard.

Kim also opens up about balancing the numerous things she has going on and how she keeps herself grounded mentally.

All’s Fair

On the podcast All’s Fair, Kim Kardashians talks about being a successful businesswoman and reasons why SKIMS is such a popular brand.

Kim talks about an impromptu SKIMS photo shoot with her friends in Mexico and how they all asked her to bring the shapewear for them on the trip.

Kim and host Laura Wesser discuss how she uses models of all sizes to show that her brand is for all types of women. This plays a huge role in why her collections sell out so quickly.

Life With Marianna

In this podcast, Emma Gerde, Co-founder of Skims, is interviewed about the huge success that is SKIMS and how she and Kim worked their way to the top.

Being a co-founder, Emma knows a thing or two about the strategies behind the scenes that led to this fierce woman-led brand selling out week after week.

So, if you want the inside scoop, this is a great episode to listen to!

Deep Dive Into Business

On this particular podcast, Mark Skopak and Sean Azari cover a different business every week. For episode 50, they covered Skims by Kim K and why it’s so successful.

The Deep Dive podcast talks about how Kim K, the smart businesswoman she is, uses multiple marketing strategies to gain success.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Using influencers to promote her brand

  • Having limited inventory to drive demand

  • Showing fun behind the scene clips of how things are done on Tik Tok and Instagram

These are just a few of the many things they discuss on this podcast about how Kim K has become one of the biggest women entrepreneurs.

Final Thoughts: Kim K's SKIMS

Kim K is an exceptional female entrepreneur, and her success is continuously growing.

Podcasts such as IRL Podcast and All’s Fair interviewed Kim K to ask her about her success. They discuss how Kim uses models who mirror the everyday woman to include all body shapes.

Other podcasts such as Life With Marianna interviewed the co-founder of SKIMS to learn how she and Kim started the brand and what goes on behind the scenes.

Finally, the Deep Dive into Business podcast talks about reasons they think SKIMS is such a huge success and the brand’s marketing strategy.

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