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49 Best Books for Female Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

49 Best books for female business owners

If you’re looking for the best books for female founders and entrepreneurs, we have a comprehensive list for you. So, let’s talk about some of our favorite books that help women in business grow more confident every day.

Minor Feelings, Your Hype Girl, and Becoming are some of the best books for female business owners and founders. They are great tools to help you run your business better or find your footing if you’re struggling as a female entrepreneur.

Each of these books appeared on our podcast. So, let’s talk about them in more detail and help you find some inspiration. These books are great for all women in business, whether they’re running startups or established businesses.

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Top 9 Books Recommended on Female Startup Club’s Podcast

Below are the top nine books and why we are loving them:

This bestseller was a Pulitzer Prize finalist as Cathy Park Hong discusses her journey to finding herself as a daughter of Korean immigrants. Loaded with humor and solid advice for any woman struggling to figure out who they are, this book should be on everyone’s reading list.

2. Eat a Peach by David Chang (Episode 102)

This New York Times bestseller follows the journey of David Chang from a depressed, lost kid from Virginia to a well-established chef. The owner of Momofuku and star of the Netflix show Ugly Delicious has plenty of tips for success. He even has some funny stories about how he found his passion.

Jen Sincero penned this very personal and authentic book to help female entrepreneurs stay motivated. Filled with short chapters and funny anecdotes, this book is easy to read and hard to put down. You’ll leave feeling good about yourself and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

The Female Startup Club podcast host has compiled 51 chapters of 51 stories to help inspire women in business. This book is like sitting down for a chat with your friend who happens to know a lot about women’s entrepreneurship. It has some great advice, no matter how far you are along in the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The United States’ first African American First Lady penned this memoir telling her story in her words. Featuring a letter to her younger self and an alternate version for younger readers, this inclusive book can help you find your path through all the unrealistic expectations we face as female entrepreneurs.

6. Radical Candor by Kim Scott (Episode 110)

Drawing from her experience as an executive at Google and Apple at different points in her career, Kim Scott discusses the struggle between empathy and criticism in this book.

It’s a great book to help forge a closer relationship with your team. It also helps to understand that criticism is an important part of growing as a leader.

7. Disrupt-Her by Miki Agrawal (Episode 398)

Miki Agrawal penned this book about women’s struggles in the world and the workplace. She shares how, despite these struggles, the reader can focus on themselves.

While this book won’t keep you out of challenging situations, it’ll help you think clearly while navigating them.

This bestseller discusses the often underappreciated introverts. Susan Cain discusses introverts throughout history and how they manage to impact their world despite being quiet.

This is a great resource for women who would rather do than say. It shows how introverts can still find a way to impact others.

Jaclyn Johnson uses this book to describe ways to turn the troubles women face in the workplace into inspiration. If you ever leave work in tears at the end of the day, this book is for you. Johnson takes us on a journey to understand how those strong emotions can help us do better.

40 More Best Books for Female Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Rounding off our list are these 40 other acclaimed books.



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