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We're on a mission to help advance women-in-progress.

About the podcast 

We started the Female Startup Club podcast to bring our listeners insights from the world’s most successful female founders, entrepreneurs and women in business. This is a space for women-in-progress to learn through insightful episodes, be inspired and take action to take your business to the next level.


Topics we discuss 

The podcast is very conversational and easy-going and these are the topics I like to touch on and see where the conversation goes: 


  • The origin story and why you wanted to start a business

  • Startup capital or raising investment, the process and what not to do 

  • The launch and finding your first customers

  • Marketing; what's working for you now and how do you acquire new customers

  • Challenges you face 

  • Advice for women wanting to start their own business 


At the end I ask a quick fire round of 6 questions:


  1. What's your why? 

  2. What's the #1 marketing moment that made your biz pop? 

  3. Where do you hang out to get smarter?

  4. How do you win the day? 

  5.  If you only had $1000 left in your business bank account, where would you spend it?

  6. How do you deal with failure? 

The *important* stuff:  

  • We only record with one founder per episode, please keep this in mind when you have co-founders to choose who will join the recording

  • It's a video call and we record both the sound and the visual (to be used for social assets)

  • The recording is scheduled for an hour but we usually record for 30-45 mins

  • Please find a spot with a strong internet connection

  • Good quality headphones are required to avoid echo that have a microphone built in (please note that Bose noise cancelling headphones do not have a microphone) 

  • I'll send you a link to a Squadcast software, and you just need to click into access our video call

*We cannot record the episode without headphones

Cancellations or amendments:


We understand that sometimes things change and you may need to amend the date or postpone due to unforeseen circumstances but we ask that you try to give us a minimum of 3 days notice to replace your time slot, and only cancel at the last minute if it’s absolutely necessary so we can maintain our strict posting schedule.


We will reserve a few spots for last minute cancellations at the end of a season but we cannot guarantee a rebooking. 


Hey, from

Female Startup Club

It's Doone here, I’ve spent the last 10 years working in digital marketing and ecommerce. From running social media at Australia’s largest (and most successful!) online retailer The Iconic, to working with huge global brands like Snapchat and IMG, and building my own successful ecomm business, I've created a new corner of the internet — Female Startup Club


I’m on a mission to help advance women-in-progress through an insightful podcast, technical courses and relevant resources to learn and dominate.