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"You have NOT missed the boat" on TikTok (Shop) for Your Small Business

Hello and welcome back to the show - it’s Doone here - your host and Hype Girl.

In these Friday episodes, we have a co-host joining us, Josephine, and every week we will be checking in to talk about what’s current and trending in the world of business with tips on how you could leverage that and what’s coming up inside the Facebook group.

This week, we are going to talk about a topic which has been very top of mind for us these past few weeks, and that’s TikTok Shop. TikTok Shop is  the e-commerce arm of TikTok which has completely turned the e-comm world on it's head in countries like the US and the UK. With TikTok Shop hitting the Australian market soon, we walk you through exactly how you can get started, how much it is a content game and what you can expect from the space as a small business owner in 2024. So stoked about this next chapter!

TikTok Shop is set to crack the US commerce market with a projected $17.5 billion spend this year. In other words; 1 in 10 Americans are buying things on TikTok. This.Is.Wild. We’re very much jumping on the TikTok Shop train with you.

So consider us Your Hype Girl in TikTok Shop from this moment on 💁‍♀️ we'll be updating our channel with live masterclasses, up-to-date info, how to tutorials & secret strategies.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide you need to get started if you’re in the US (or have a registered LLC):

  1. Getting Started 📱Open up the TikTok account that you want to create a shop for; click on the ☰ icon in the top right corner; & select Creator Tools from the menu that pops up

  1. Let’s Get Signed Up ✍️ Under the Monetisation section click on TikTok Shop for Seller and enter your email or phone number before being taken through the authorisation & verification process

  1. Yep, yep, yep ✅ Confirm that you want to sign up for TikTok Shop in the US and select the type of business you’re going to register (tip: if you don’t have an LLC, register yourself as an individual)

  1. Have Your Docs Handy 🆔 Use your drivers license or passport to register and enter all your details & social security (tip: if you don’t have a registered business address enter your residential address)

  1. The Fun Part ✨ Choose your shop and preview how it’s going to look in the marketplace (you can always change this up again later); choose your product category and verify your phone number

  1. We’re Almost There 👀 Lastly, verify that all your information is accurate (this is very important ) and then click submit

Your application will be pending approval (for about a day or two) and then you’ll be good to go. Good luck!!! - & keep following this series to learn all you need to know when it comes to optimising your TikTok shop and reach ⭐



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