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Top Email Marketing Platforms for Women Entrepreneurs

Every Email Marketing Platform Explained for Beginners

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business, especially for women entrepreneurs. It allows you to create a stronger connection with your audience, guide website traffic, and increase sales.

However, deciding which email marketing platform for women entrepreneurs to choose can be exhausting if you're a beginner since there are so many options.

Every email marketing platform has something different to offer beginners. MailChimp, Klavio, and Flodesk are some of the most well-known options, with MailChimp being the best overall. You want a platform that provides customization options and comes at a reasonable price.

This article will cover every email marketing platform women entrepreneurs would be interested in.

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What Are Email Marketing Platforms?

Email marketing platforms are online services that allow businesses to quickly contact their audience through email. Those interested can sign up for your email list, then receive information from you. It's convenient for business owners since you can reach everyone on your list simultaneously.

The platform should make managing campaigns easier and provide you with data, such as how many people opened and read the email.

Here are all the signs of the perfect email marketing platform for women entrepreneurs:

  • Customizable options: The platform should allow you to make an email campaign unique to your startup. For instance, as a business owner, you want to tailor the campaign to e-commerce emails that drive sales and traffic.

  • Software integration: Combining the platform with other software makes it more convenient and gives you more marketing options.

  • Automation features: Setting the platform up to send out emails automatically is convenient and allows you to get ahead of schedule.

  • Final cost: You want to know that you're not paying too much for the features you get. Keeping the price down can help you spend your budget on other, more important, areas.

  • Excellent customer support: Lastly, having a helpful customer support team keeps everything moving smoothly if something goes wrong.

I'll keep these points in mind as we discuss all the platform options women in business have for their marketing campaigns.

Best Overall: MailChimp

When people hear "email marketing platform," the first site they often think of is MailChimp — and for good reason. It comes with all the features entrepreneurs need to succeed and is free until your email list reaches a set number of contacts.

MailChimp is also super easy and convenient to use, so even as a beginner, you won't have any problems learning how to run it. It also offers automation, customization, and data reports for free. So, if this is your first email campaign, I highly recommend this software.


  • Free to use until you have more than 500 contacts on your email list

  • Customize your email campaign to suit your brand's needs

  • Provides easy-to-understand data

  • Automation on a schedule you set

  • Works with other business software

  • Multiple payment levels allow you to choose the best option for your business


  • Gets expensive if you have an extensive contact list

  • Not suitable for large marketing teams

Best for Small Business Owners: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is best for smaller businesses. It has a great free plan with plenty of features, but you can only have 250 people on your email list before you start paying to use it. It does more than most MailChimp paid tiers, but it's still affordable.

Klaviyo also is perfect for beginners because it offers a great onboarding tutorial. It guides you through setting up your first campaign with one of Klaviyo's experts. You can ask them as many questions as you want, and they'll provide you with support.


  • Offers professional help for the first month

  • Automation features

  • Plenty of customization options

  • Works with other software


  • Limited help after the first month, with little technical support

  • Can be expensive when you have a large contact list

Most Affordable: Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers many different plans, some of which are very cost-efficient. This is the best choice if you want something that won't break the budget and can't access a platform for free. One of the options is even under ten dollars a month (as of this writing).

That said, it doesn't have a free version, and the customization is minimal. It also offers some automation but doesn't come with as many options as other platforms on this list.


  • Extremely affordable

  • Longer than the average free trial period

  • Outstanding customer support


  • Limited customization options outside of their templates

  • No free version

  • Limited automation features

Best Design Options: Flodesk

Flodesk is known for allowing users to create outstanding designs. These look much nicer and more professional than the other templates on this list. So, if the design is crucial to your e-commerce business, you'll want to try Flodesk first.

However, it doesn't have several automation and data analysis features you want as a business owner. Still, it definitely looks the most stylish.


  • Best designs for email templates

  • Affordable plans

  • Easy to use and convenient


  • Lacking customer support

  • Little to no data analysis offered

  • Could use more automation features

Best for Creators: Norby Live

Finally, if you're creative and need to market yourself, Norby is the best option. It comes with more than just email marketing, so you can reach your audience in more unique ways.

It even offers SMS and can help you bring more of your audience to events.


  • Good analytics features

  • The best option for creators looking to promote themselves

  • Plenty of features on top of email marketing


  • Not geared for e-commerce

Final Thoughts on Email Marketing Platforms for Women Entrepreneurs

And that wraps up all the leading email marketing platforms you'll run into as a female entrepreneur. MailChimp is the best option and has an outstanding free version you can use until you have more than 500 subscribers. It has many features and is an excellent option for a beginner just learning to market their business.

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