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NEW Instagram Algorithm Explained

Hello and welcome back to the show - it’s Doone here - your host and Hype Girl.

In these Friday episodes, we have a co-host joining us, Josephine, and every week we will be checking in to talk about what’s current and trending in the world of business with tips on how you could leverage that and what’s coming up inside the Facebook group.

This week, we are super thrilled to dive into this topic! If you're an entrepreneur or content creator navigating the digital space, you've probably heard some serious buzz around the new algorithm. This is our first introductory episode on the changes taking place, and why it's more crucial that ever to take action right now to stay ahead of the curve.

Ready for some real talk about the latest Instagram algorithm update? Brace yourself because it's bringing some big changes. Let's break it down:

The Two Big Changes 👀 

1. Increased Reach for Smaller Creators 👉 Instagram is srsly shaking things up. Instead of prioritising content based on how followers engage, every piece of content will now be shown to a smaller audience first (regardless of whether they follow the account or not). If the content does well, it'll then be shown to a larger audience. This is great news for smaller creators trying to get noticed, but it might make it harder to reach your current followers.

2. Prioritising Original Content 👉 Instagram is now all about rewarding originality. This means if you repost something without adding your own twist, it won't be recommended. However, if you transform it into a meme or a reaction, you’re safe. Accounts that repeatedly post unoriginal content (more than 10 times in 30 days) will be removed from recommendations for a month. (Yikes.)

What You Can Do Today 🏃‍♀️

1. Switch to a Creator Account 👉 Make sure you have a professional account, specifically a "creator account." IG’s new changes are geared to supporting creators, so you’ll want the platform to recognise you as one.

2. Be Consistent 👉 Consistency is key. At the very least, post daily stories. Yep, really. Instagram’s goal is to keep people on their platform for as long as possible, and consistently showing up will help you get rewarded.

3. Create Your Unique Style 👉 If your current content is mostly reposts, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Experiment with different styles and find what sticks. If you’re seeing a drop in views, it’s a sign to pivot and keeping chipping away.



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