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How a chewing gum brand is innovating with CBD, with Jamie, Gigi & Margaret, Founders of Favour

Tune in to this episode to hear from the founders of Favour chewing gum.

This dynamic combo of 3 women across multi generations have come together to create a CBD product that helps ease stress and anxiety — and in the current climate, it's something we need more than ever. As passionate supporters and users of holistic and natural remedies, the three found CBD to be their saviours. The life-changing results have helped them combat anxiety, bodily pains, insomnia, stress, depression and all the daily disruptions they once had trouble managing. Coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds, the three have partnered together to create an education-first, functional brand powered by higher-bioavailability CBD.

Do yourself a Favour, and listen to learn how they came up with the concept and launched to market.

Let's jump into this episode. Female Startup Podcast. Mhm. Welcome to Female Startup Club podcast. I'm so excited to learn about Favour today. Do you guys want to tell me how the business came about? Sure. So, um, you know, we are three women obviously have different age groups who are on a mission to find a solution for CBD use um with that being said, all of our journeys um with CBD have been very different for me specifically. I was a recruited athletes, Columbia University for track and field and it didn't take long into my freshman year that I realized I I wasn't taking care of myself. I didn't have proper self care in place and really needed to step back from the team to focus on my mental health specifically.

00:03:30Edit Um so I made that decision and what I thought would be a great way for me to focus on myself. It actually kind of led me into a spiral of depression, you know, I was very scared to work out, I didn't want to go to the gym. Um and I kind of did a 1 80 from the person that I was before, um losing that sense of structure in my everyday life too. So about a year and a half ago, someone said, why don't you try CBD? And to be completely honest with you, I have never liked taking anything to make me feel better. So I didn't really buy into it. Um but I gave it a go and started experimenting with all of the different products on the market, pills, capsules, tinctures and at the same time, G and Margaret had also started experimenting with CBD. They've always been very into holistic remedies their entire life. So they were experimenting with CBD to help alleviate some of the daily disruptions that they were facing as working moms, juggling so many different things at one time, starting to go through the aging process and we all came together really over lunch one day and we're like, wow, the positive benefits of CBD are so real, but there's Not one product that we can pull out of our pocket and rely on every day.

00:04:47Edit So that was the impetus to start favor, to create a CBD product that's really easy for first time users, but also scientifically backed scientifically effective as a really reliable way to take your daily dose of CBD. Oh my gosh, I just love how ideas come about in like the most random, just conversations that just lead to this bright moment and so you have this lunch, then what happens? So then, you know, we, we were playing really actually kind of started with um what are we going to call it? That's the first reaction is what is this going to be called? And we had this one tagline in mind, and it was just too, and that was kind of our starting point, um and we were thinking about all these amazing phrases that we could use to market the brand with just two, really with the mission behind it, to really focus on yourself and prioritize yourself care and your mental health. Then, you know, we decided to hire a branding team and they were like, you know, we don't really think that that's the best name for the brand, but maybe it's something that we could include as a subsidiary of your name.

00:06:00Edit And so we went through a whole naming process to really formulate what our brand was about, and that's how we landed on favor again with this idea of favoring yourself favoring your mental health, putting yourself before others and being selfish about your own self care because that's something that all of us have really struggled with and that's why we take the product every single day. Um, so I think all of us are creative. The first thing is like, what are we going to call it? What is it going to look like? Um, and then just really laying out the stepping stones to bring that brands life. Wow, that's amazing. Did you guys had, you had um, CBD gun before you started the brand? Like was it a thing that was, is it a known kind of product that you can have CBD powered chewing gum Margaret is the expert on this. So Margaret, you want to take that one? Well, yes and actually they taste differently. Also the different dosage, ng uh, it can vary uh, CBD on a whole is an expensive ingredient.

00:07:09Edit It's an expensive product. So really what I think that where we came together was on the quality and also making sure what we, What I'm a mother of two young ones have a 13 and a 15 year old and sort of always like to make sure that anything that I do would be safe for them. I think that's just a nice like kind of system to follow and uh, the gum, we have perfected it, we have prevented perfected the mint. I think the mint is a very challenging flavor to get. And one of the great compliments that we receive is the fact that people can keep it in their, in their mouth for much longer than half an hour. I know sometimes I keep it in there, you really to chew it to get the effect. You want to chew it For 10 minutes and anything after that you can get rid of it. But I think we've really come up with the perfect solution. The easy solution. Also, gum is something that will take your mind off of a stressful situation. Just the act of chewing and moving the saliva and as we know, even with you know this these viruses and things going on, it's just really good to keep that system moving and, and, and just the simple act again of chewing takes your mind off of stress.

00:08:19Edit You're, you're busying yourself and that's why it's gum. You know, gum is people love gum. Even my friends that don't really love gum or or they were brought up, you know, there's that generation of like not chewing gum, They love it. It's great and it's minty fresh. I actually got rid of my coffee addiction um at four o'clock going to the games by chewing gum and it's the way that we have it in the packaging. It comes out, it's sanitary. It's easy, it's not a tincture, it's not, you know, a lot of those pills you have to wait till they absorb under your tongue. It's clean, easy and the consistency of our gun is really great. There's a few out there that are like taffy like and I've tried them and I'm like pulling them out of my teeth and thinking, oh my gosh, this is the worst, worst thing and the flavor is horrible. And I really didn't find them that effective either. But you know, everybody knows how to chew gum and I didn't grow up. I grew up in a home where you didn't shoot them. Like it was like inappropriate kind of at the time to chew gum. But I mean my mother is chewing gum now. I mean she can't, she's like, oh my gosh, I love this.

00:09:22Edit And we're all walking around loving our gum and it's fun, It's, you know, and if we want to be discreet about it, you can kind of do it where people aren't noticing, but then when you want to to it and feel your relieving some tension and aggression too, you can do that and our consistency is really great. I mean you actually put it in your mouth and you, it's a gun that you would want to to, even if it didn't have CBD in it and you are getting the 10 mg, you are getting a 10 mg in every dose, which is great because if you're having a challenging day, you can have 234. I mean, you know, it depends on what crisis we're going through at the moment, right in this world, but you can feel safe and safe assured. Also my daughter has chewed it. It's been fantastic for I think kids during testing, there's been field studies out now that show it helps with the focus. Um, as athletes students, it's very helpful and we all to it for different reasons. So you know, Margaret and I have our issues of reasons why we were touring with CBD.

00:10:25Edit Jamie had her reason and that's one of the reasons, I mean Margaret and I for years have been together like what essential oil, what this, what are you doing? Super holistic And you know, for me, CBD has been a resolution for many things that uh, we all needed help with and I find it as a solution that helps with multiple issues that you have. And for me that's ideal because to know that I can take one little 10 mg of CBD, it's super bio available. It gets in your system really quickly and know that it's going to be effective and help me is great. So I think, you know that's, that's why we're here sounds amazing. I definitely want to try it. An airplane airplane can travel with it. Oh my God wow, I've never even thought about that about traveling with CBD part anxiety for flying is one of the reasons I take it to, I sort of a cocktail now at six a.m. I can have a piece of gum and you're fresh breath under your mask girls, I think we need to come up with a favor. Math. Oh my gosh, you should, I want to talk about the dynamic of you three.

00:11:26Edit Obviously the audience can't see what I see right now, but I see this amazing group of three women. We have different ages. We've got two moms, we've got Jamie, I think you're in your twenties still. I know that you guys are also related. G and Jamie are a mother daughter duo here. Um can you tell me like what it's been like building a business together with these different relationships happening in the mix. Yeah, I mean I think it's been really fun. I'll start with that. I think also when you have a cross generational team, I think that's really helped us create this authentic mission behind the brand, right? Is because we created this product out of a need that all of us had all at different ages. I'm 23. Um mom and Margaret are in their fifties, you know, this is a product that's for women across generations and we could really bond over the struggles that we were facing and the amazing positive benefits that favor has brought all of our lives.

00:12:30Edit I will say, I think all of us have different strengths that we bring to the table and different viewpoints because of our age differences. Um you know, I'm more digital centric, whereas mom and Margaret are really like let's break this down to the basic somehow do we attack this from the ground up? And I think um you know, again we all complement each other really well in that regard. I am super type a so um in the on the leadership standpoint, you know, I think we keep business to business and try to keep the emotions out of it when we can, but the reality is we're three women who all have opinions. We try to all make sure that um you know, were involved in the decisions that we're making and we're collaborating on every side of the business because we're able to do that. You know, this is our team where three people, we don't have any other employees are team members. So you know, I think you know, we try to keep a balance to we try to have fun while also getting things done and um it's really amazing privilege that we have not only to be able to work with each other, but also for me to be able to work with my mom and um also maintain the relationships that we have in our personal lives.

00:13:42Edit Yeah, it sounds amazing, wow, I'm just in the order of you guys, What a cool setup that you have in a special bond. I imagine being able to work on this all together. 33 powerhouse women. Um so I want to talk about like the money stuff and how you got started in the beginning with launching the brand, you know, from what I know when I speak to other founders who have got CBD powered products, it's expensive, it requires startup capital. Um, you know, then obviously you've got the branding side of it, you've got the launching side of it, you've got to buy the product. How did you guys get going in the beginning? Yeah, that's a great question. Um, so we're actually personally funded up until this point, so we only launched in february were very, very new and we really wanted to do this ourselves so that we could not only, you know, test different channels, but really hone in on our marketing messaging, how, you know, how we want to convey the product to the consumer. Um, and really have a good understanding of what's working and what's not working before we decide to raise around.

00:14:47Edit Um, and I think we're still not ready for that. You know, we feel like there's still a lot for us to learn to figure out and new products we want to launch etcetera. And I think it's really important for us to be open about that too because I think especially in this wellness or vice space as people are calling it, there's so much capital being thrown out to these companies. And I think as founders, you really have to know when the right time is to kind of take that next step. Um, and if you have the ability to kind of personally funded and really test the market and understand your product, understand your customer, then you're in a lot better place when you do go to raise around because you know where exactly to put that money. Um, so that's where we're at right now. Yeah, we've been fortunate enough to personally, I found that I think that's also been important for us in the decision making process is like this is our money, you know, every dollar counts. So where do we put, how do we put it in the right places? And I think the girls can agree, we have a very collaborative effort and decision making process just because you know, we are working with our own capital and um, I think things are a lot closer to home when that's the case.

00:16:00Edit Um, feel free to add on, I'll add in on that too because I've, I've also done another business before and I feel that when it's your own capital in your own dollar, I mean it's easy to spend somebody else's money correct right in any arena, but when, when you're, you have this much and you need to spend it wisely, your super cognizant of every single dollar that's going here and going there and you want to make sure you get a bang for your buck and everything you do and I think for us, you know, I wouldn't want to go spend someone else's money freely and, and, and not know really where our focus is, need to be. So for us developing the areas that we feel uh we need to fund and not fund and what's working and not working, we're testing with our own money and it makes us more comfortable that way doing it so, and really accomplishing, it's a great challenge to do that. You know, it's really uh it's like pushing yourself to really see what you can do and how far you can go. It's kind of fun. It really is a big challenge.

00:17:01Edit Yeah, absolutely. And making sure that you um yeah, push it as far as you can, as you said. Um so I want to know more about the journey from when you first had the idea up until february, when you launched, How long was that process and what happened in that journey? Well, um we actually started working on this almost a year ago. The cottage. Yeah, yeah, almost a year ago now, to date the beginning of last summer. So, you know, we were working on and the Formula the product um then was one of the name was a bit different, you know, when we were trying to get our branding strategy together and how we would market it. So, you know, it was a year, well it was about eight, nine months I guess because we're not even three months or three months old. So yeah, we launched February 13. So you know, we worked from June and the mission, you know also coming together with what the mission and is really what we wanted this to be. And I think as three women that have been, you know, we've been out there in the world, we've we need simplicity and we need availability and I wanted to make sure too that we were available to the masses in a sense.

00:18:12Edit And I know that you know, price points being um sometimes restrictive for people. It was really important that we had that mission that we were really in this to help people, we ourselves are not into pharmaceuticals really. So it was you know, g and I've always had you know those catch ups like what are you doing, what are you using? And and this was really a wonderful way to get it out to the masses and uh something safe that we could get behind. And I think as three women sitting in the cottage that day, we discovered that right, that we really wanted the same thing and we also wanted to help people, we wanted something easy and available that was non narcotic. And we're all about well being mentally and physically, I mean we're all very active very physically uh into our well being, but we're also into mental well being and which is important to balance both of those in your life, so yeah, yeah, I think, you know, g Margaret and I have seen such a positive improvement in our lives ever since. We've created favor, been taking CBD, but also really taking a product that's effective, right?

00:19:17Edit Because there's so many CBD products on the market right now that even though you're taking it, it may not be the right delivery method to be taking it by. And I will say, I think uh you know, for for each of the things that we've been relying on favor for, it's made such a positive improvement that at all that it drives us forward, it motivates us to share the product with more and more people because we know that it does have the power to make a positive change in your day to day life. Um so much so that people even comment on it, comment on your general positivity. Uh you know, my boyfriend's like, wow Jamie, you just seem so much happier and I truly feel that way. Um and that's a really powerful thing, I think to really connect to a product as founders as well um in terms of really driving us forward to to share this with the world, it's like a magic pill, it sounds really good. Um I want to talk about the launch of favor. I know it was, you know, only three months ago and what you did and how it's kind of been impacted by everything that's happening in the world with Covid 19 and whether that's actually been a benefit to you guys, I think yes and no.

00:20:32Edit So I know we all have some insights that we can share here, but I think we did launch in february, we had a very strategic launch plan in place um that really was focused on physical interaction with the product. And unfortunately, you know, Covid hit pretty much two weeks after our launch, right? When our launch events were happening, we had different activations that were planned and that really threw a wrench in our launch more on the side of just being able to connect with people physically and have them touch and feel the product and try it. Um with that being said, you know, we had to quickly pivot and say, okay, you know, this is fine, this is a challenge, but we need to focus on digital for the next three or four months or foreseeable future. And we made a quick pivot to, you know, other marketing strategies, influencer marketing, seeding the product to people so that, you know, we didn't have one on one contact with them. And also, I think the advantage of this whole thing has been that, you know, we're really in a time where health care is a priority where mental health is a priority.

00:21:40Edit Um you know, you're doing a lot of introspection being inside your home, on the things that you need to do to feel your best self or maybe things that you need to add into your routine and in that regard, on the messaging side that's really worked to our advantage because that is the core of favors brand, you know, we are a product that is a solution for you to feel better and um we've really run with that and I think um it's been a great opportunity to really hone in what our branch and is, and I know mom, you can kind of speak more to the distribution side and the things that we've had to change there as well. Well, I'm from a major retail background and so for me, being, having physical presence and the store is super important because your customer recognizes the product and they're able to see it and read about it and read the ingredients and all that. So, you know, I was strategizing on how to build the retail side and get in stores whether they're mom and pop well in the stores, um athletic stores, golf shops, all this and everything closed down.

00:22:44Edit So, so um there was no, you know, nothing was open here, so that just went wayward and again, we had to focus on how are we going to build this vertically right now and and not go that way, so for me, you know, and I still believe that it does need to have physical presence in stores and a lot of products these days only are on sites and for me, I'm I like to see a product, I like to touch it if I want to know more about it, I want to go discover it myself and not look online and it comes in the mail and it's an unknown which works too, but um you know, so it it created definitely a challenge for us that way. This is where the cross generational team comes in handy well, and I think we'll have to, you know, really be grateful to give a shout out to all our female friends out there and there's some amazing women and I think, you know, it's fun in this, in this arena, you know, everybody expects their packages right there gifts, but what I'm so incredibly moved by is when a friend buys it and post it or you know, a lot of my friends aren't on social media, so that's something like a little photo, you know, and that just means the world to me because when your friends are supporting you, then you've won, you know, and and I love that when people come together as a community because they know, you know, it can't be easy launching at this, but in a sense, I think it was it was, I don't know, we made lemonade out of lemons in a sense, I think it was really everything is where it should be, it just seemed to work perfectly.

00:24:17Edit Yeah, and I think it's really allowed all of us to really focus on the foundation of our brand, you know, and not get crowded out by the distractions. Absolutely. And it's been a good exercise for us as a team to to really say, okay, you know, this is a challenge that's been thrown to us. How do we quickly find a solution to it? And um, you know, each and every one of us has done an amazing job telling friends, telling, family, coming up with new ideas, um, and being creative and um, I think that's where collaboration comes in key, um, is to lean on each other in times where you do have to quickly pivot what are some of the strategies that have been working well for you guys since, since she launched launched? Yeah, that's a great question. Um I'll start with this one. Obviously mom touched on her retail background as well, Margaret also, you know, extremely experienced with the pr side of things. But my expertise is an influencer marketing. I have a consultancy on the side that advises early stage startups. So again, you know, when you're a small team really focusing on your strengths, but we can bring to the table also with Covid, you know, everything is focused on digital.

00:25:26Edit So, influencer marketing has been, I guess I would say our top paid channel as a CBD product, there are a lot of roadblocks in place that prevent us from marketing and a paid paid sense on facebook, on google, etcetera. So that's a big roadblock for an early startup, who doesn't want to be ah, you know, throwing out a ton of money to test appeared channel and we don't know if it's going to work. So for us in the three or four months that we've been launched, we have seated product to so many influencers and friends started to create these amazing relationships with influencers who love the product and the R. O. I. Is showing good signs of life there. And for us, that's our focus too, because you know, they're storytellers, they're creating use cases around the product. And for us that's been really impactful on the marketing side and our customers are really connected to that. So influencer marketing is the primary, the other is email marketing surprisingly has been performing really well for us again just finding those direct lines of communication with the consumer.

00:26:33Edit And you know, as Margaret was mentioning earlier, not everyone that's buying their product is on instagram or social media, even though a large portion of them are so trying to diversify our channels to as we move forward, slow but steady is something that we're focused on too. But at this point again, we're personally funded. We've really focused on organic growth and using word of mouth to tap into new communities and utilizing our networks, um, as well, and really leaning on people and asking people for favors. Um, and yeah, I love that favor for a favor. Yes, exactly. Um, so girls, I mean feel free to, I don't set up. We had a fun, remember our first client called, she was having a dinner party and she wanted to, um, you know, give all of her guests the gum. So it was cute. So she put it as a little party favor and it's just things like that. It's, it's things like that that really moved me and I'm just very grateful for because it's, it shows, yeah, great party favors.

00:27:38Edit I love that. What were the events you are going to do and now you're going to bring those back when things kind of resume to the new normal. I hope that we are able to, um, I think we love to do something just to bring our community to dance. You need to dance. Oh my God, you guys need a triple Tiktok account for it. Like with each other. That would be amazing. You should do that. Um, but yeah, I think we'd love to have an event in future, especially now that we have created such amazing relationships with friends and of the community that we've created behind the brand to give them an opportunity to come meet us and and meet the product in person to, when studying with like minded people. Um, we did have a couple of events plans in March. Um, that literally got canceled a week prior. Um, which is okay, you know, it happens and I think again, it's allowed us to really focus on the things that we needed to focus on in peace, kind of critical stages of our business as well. I will touch on events too because this past week we actually were invited to participate in a pop up out in the Hamptons and you know things are just now starting where people still distance themselves socially and where the mask, but they want to be outside and do these events so favor was asked to partake and in two days, I mean um it was incredible.

00:29:01Edit We really engaged with a lot of amazing people that were so happy to discover favor and everybody, most of them had not tried CBD and they were interested to be educated and learn about it and they did want to, they did want to try it, they just were afraid. And once we had a conversation, they also, our website is an amazing tool to educate you on why gum, why you should chew gum as your dose instead of doing a gummy or a pill. Um you know, they were, they were like, oh my gosh, not only did they all wanted more than one pack. So and we had a customer by 20 packs and one, most people bought 2 to 5 packs at a time to try it because consistency is key with CBD to build it up in your system. Um, but so even special little events like that, even though we aren't planning on a big major launch now, just being able to be out there and engaging on a small um with a small group I think is super important. So anyone doing a brand or something where you can educate your customer, they can try it.

00:30:06Edit Small groups are great because you can't capture the audience, so we are going to continue doing that here and and everywhere we can um and were asked to participate in a lot of events, so that's a good way and I Imagine for you guys um like a key strategy will also be just partnerships and collaborations in general with other brands who are able to promote and do paid marketing. 100% efforts, we would have that and we welcome anyone who wants to do that without you entertain that. I slide into the d m we have some fun things in the works, but that's definitely something that we thought about is how do we extend this brand into our everyday lives from various different touch points um that are separate from just um the chewing gum. So 100%. I think brand partnerships are just amazing too because you get to cross promote and collaborate with brands that have um similar audiences and I think it just brings the brand to life in such a greater sense too. So yeah, more to come on that, I'm very excited.

00:31:10Edit I'm glad to work with people to, you know, so, I I don't know, we all have such energy, great energy and to share that and to take other people's energy and put it all together is always makes for an exciting story or product. 100%. Absoluteal. I want to ask all of you your top piece of advice for women who have a big idea. So, Margaret, let's start with you. What is your advice? Oh wow, A big idea. Well, I would say think it through, write it down, um, you know, jot down as many pros and cons as possible anytime you get involved in something, it changes your life, right? Because if you're, especially if you're putting your own money into it, you have to really think about that and uh and how passionate you really are about it and where you want to see it for me, I'm very involved in the mental health world down here, I'm involved in to recovery homes for men and women. Um most of them are the side where they really can't afford traditional mental health care.

00:32:15Edit So I always have that in the back of my mind where I can help out and that facet in my life at this, at this age, at this point in my life. Um, and really just what we're, what you will get out of it if you really love it and if you're passionate about it, I think when you're passionate about something you will win either way, but you have to really love it, right? I mean in this era that we live in, in this time, you know, you can throw money into, into something and you know, and that's what I think it's so great about that. We are self funded is that we are very thoughtful about going about this and how we've gone about it. So I would say just make sure you really love it and you really believe in it, right? Because it's like a film I produced films before and you know, those are really large budgets and again, it's it's stressful, but if you don't like the movie, you know, you have to be careful, so, so like your movie, like your cast, you know and all of that, we'll, we'll we'll follow Sure. Yeah, for sure. I love that.

00:33:17Edit Thank you um Jamie, do you want to share your top piece of advice? Sure. Um I think that would be no your strength and also be able to delegate, especially in a leadership role. Um someone once told me that the biggest mistake that you can make as an entrepreneur is thinking that you know how to do everything And I think in this regard we're a small team, so focusing on the things that I could bring to the table from previous experience, even though I am only 23, um but also kind of being able to understand that I have so much more to learn and that I don't know how to do everything. Um and that's actually been a more difficult exercise for me than I thought it would be, because again, I'm super type a, I like to be in control of everything, um and that's kind of at the core of my mom's melting my being. Um so I think personally, that's been a challenge, is really being able to step back and say, okay, if I need help on this, say that I need help on it, and how do I go about being a proper manager in situations when I do need to delegate um something, um and also just making sure that I'm involving the team to um so, again, just knowing my strengths, staying in my lane in that regard, and being really open to uh saying no, getting help and delegating tasks, amazing g um they touched on a lot of it, but what I always think is where there's a will, there's a way, and if you're passionate about something, no matter what obstacle there is to overcome, you can find a way to do it.

00:34:56Edit We've all, you know, we all have obstacles in life and we all have to figure out how to overcome them, and if you're passionate about something and you have a dream, go for it, you can figure out the way and, you know, when you're doing it, you need to know if you're when you need to lead, you need to be the leader and when you need to listen, you need to listen. And when you need to ask for advice, it's okay. Ask for advice. Go seek as much advice as you need to help implement your idea and don't be afraid to be shot down. There's always someone else that I give you some help and an answer. I mean we've all been shot down and don't let that discourage you. Just keep forging forward and you will, you will get there. So mom was from the ship and I love it. I'm like what mom with the motivation. I love that. I love that. Love it. Love it. Um okay, so now we're at the point of the podcast where I ask the six quick questions and because we have three of you were going to do it slightly different than the normal format. So I think I'll ask the question um and then we'll get all three of you to answer and then the next one will just be for Jamie.

00:36:03Edit Anyway, I'll just step you through it. How about that number one for everything is what's your y and we can go in the same order of as before if you want, which was me right with Jamie. So I think I kind of answered that in um in the previous question, you know, what's your why? Why for me for the gun was availability to the masses with favor itself is the immediacy of the effects, the immediacy of somebody in crisis. Uh, it could be severe crisis, that could also be something, you know, you're stuck in traffic and you're having a tough time. Everybody has different challenges. But the immediacy, the effectiveness, the quality um, you know, g touched upon all the products out there. In truth, it is an expensive CBD on it on its own is expensive. So I can almost guarantee that, you know that the milligrams that people say is and most of their CBD products most likely is not because of the price points. We just sort of there's only there's a number that can move only so far.

00:37:04Edit So, um I would say that the quality um is the utmost importance because I want to give it to my Children and I take it. So yeah, so from a product perspective for CBD delivery method matters. So we have kind of four pillars that really set us apart and that's faster absorption, higher bio availability of CBD dozing made easy. And as Mark was saying it's user friendly, it's accessible and non intimidating for the first time user and for me um being very holistic that I am and have approached healthcare just you know, to be able to provide mental well being and physical well being, two people in an easy and concise, precise format. Amazing number two, I'll direct this just to Jamie is what's been the number one marketing moment that's made your business pop love this question.

00:38:07Edit So Bernie Beauty actually named us one of the 19 best CBD products of 2020. Um I think it was last month, which was a huge honor as a company that's only three months old. Um with that being said, we have so much more room to grow, but we've been able to leverage that for a lot of different partnerships. Um and that's been incredibly, incredibly helpful. Yeah, the power of pr it's amazing. I'm going to ask all three of you this question is where do you hang out to get smarter? Let's start with you Margaret. I read I I like Worldviews, I I I love to travel, I love National Geographic, I love turning off the noise quite a bit, and just also reading magazines, fashion magazines from all over the world. That's where I hang out right now. Um and just looking for more answers to things in the world and things like that. So I I I read quite a bit, I would say that that's where I hang out because I'm home, we're not able able to go out too far.

00:39:12Edit So I'm not jumping into museums or lectures or but I have learned quite a bit though, through soon. I have to tell you listening to Conrad's online courses guys, it's really been a blast. I'm really like, oh my God, there's so many things that I forgot, and really impressed with the education that he's received during. Quarantine. Oh, is that who's Conrad? Sorry? Conrad. Conrad, like, it was a year old son, like, I'm gonna have to make a note of this. Conrad gentlemen, uh with the zoom classes, professors, I'm really quite moved and, you know, it it was really fun to listen in on on some of these lectures that he's attending, so I love that. Mhm. For me, I think I have two things, sorry, fun is I hang out with people that are older than me, that's always been something I do, I think they know more they have more to share. Um I've just found the greatest role models that we have had, the greatest conversations from hanging out with people that are older than me. And also um I will give a shout out to Spring Place, I've really tried to immerse myself in communities um with like minded individuals that are working on uh similar startups, or you know, can uh can bring a partnership or an idea to the table when I'm working on something, and Spring Place has been a really amazing place for me to forge those connections.

00:40:32Edit Great, I'm gonna get the link after the episode, and I'll make sure that I link it in the notes, and um for me, I'm I'm so lucky that I have so many friends that have started businesses or business minded um and have careers. And so for me engaging myself with people on a small basis and talking business and being the fly on the wall and listening to their conversations makes me smarter because it makes me think, oh wow, I would have never thought of that. And my husband actually is great at that. I love to be a fly on the wall. Um, listening to some of his conversations and he actually asked us stuff around the table and challenges us and I just think engaging in conversation that's meaningful. Makes you smarter. Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Okay. Question number four for all of you is how do you win the day and that's around your am or PM rituals that keep you feeling happy and fulfilled and productive sweat.

00:41:38Edit I love to sweat every morning. I, I have to sweat. I have to run. You know, I get like a little crotchety if I don't. And I just, so it's just really waking up a little earlier, getting that 20 minutes in. Um, I have an infrared sauna, which I love if, um, if I can't get out for a quick two mile sprint. Um, that kind of thing. So just really just getting a little sweat on and then moving forward. That's how I, that's how I started. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, I completely agree with that sweating for me is a huge stress reliever. I will say another thing that's just really exhilarating for me is being able to cross things off my list, going back to the type a personality I am a list maker. I write everything down that I need to do in the morning and just the satisfaction of crossing things off and finishing that list just makes me, I feel like I can move on with my day now I can go to bed and finish the list. Well I'm a little, I mean I like all those, that's great.

00:42:39Edit I'm an energy person. So I think trying to be positive when I get out of bed in the morning creates a positive energy to keep my day going that way and then you pretty much exert that energy onto other people and I think people can read that. So I, I find that sometimes if I wake up a little, maybe on the wrong side of the bed, I'm like, I need to lay my head back down and sort of started all over and say, okay, you're not waking up like this today, wake up with a smile on your face, We're lucky, we're lucky because we have another day together and so I like to wake up and start my day being grateful that I have one more day to be here with with everyone. So yeah, I think it's really important to set the intention for the day is something that I definitely forget to do and that's why I love having these conversations and asking these particular questions because it always gives me personally just something really nice that I can be like, oh, I'm going to make sure I do that tomorrow. Yeah, nothing like being a Debbie downer all day. Right? So you know, well, yeah, you have to be careful of that, right? What you absorb. And so for me, I'm not turning on the news in the morning.

00:43:40Edit It's just, you know, your feet at the floor and like, you know, g said, you're grateful that you're here. Um and uh and then you just kind of move that day forward in the best way possible. For sure. Question number five old directors to Jamie. If you only had $1000 left in the business bank account, where would you spend it? It's a great question. We debated this as a team, but the general consensus was that we put this towards new product again, because we're self funded. Um you know, we're not spending a crazy marketing dollars so for us being able to provide our customer base with a new product um which is in the works by the way, um with something new to add into their daily routines is very exciting for us. Um So that would be, that would be it any teases. You want to drop surprise, surprise a good one. I Will Be A Good one. I'll subscribe to your to your newsletter as well as I can make sure I'm in the loop.

00:44:43Edit And last question is for all of you is how do you deal with failure? And it can be your personal approach and your mindset to failure or it can be in response to like um, you know, a specific incident or experience. Well, I mean, I think, you know, because I've been in business before this, you are going to encounter failure, whether in a relationship, a business, maybe you did something as a parent, you felt you failed, don't let it get you down, you've got to just keep going. And um, I mean as far as our business has gone, we haven't really experienced that because we're so new, we're only three months in. So we really haven't had a major downside. I mean we've had to re pivot and rethink that's part of that's I wouldn't consider that failure, but part of failure is being able to keep moving forward and um you know, you're not the only one that's ever failed. Everyone's failed at something. So just just keep going and you know, yeah, and failure and disappointment are similar to me, um you know, being an actress and and a model for years, I've definitely had my share of of disappointment, but I think they're your never failing if you just put yourself out there and try and then sometimes just things you have to be more spiritual about it, which I tend to be um in that sense of just maybe it wasn't for you, you know, maybe it just wasn't intended, so sometimes we miss things or we feel we missed the boat or we may have, you know, not done our best, but maybe it also was for deeper reason, you know, maybe we were supposed to go down that road and then the road just wasn't supposed to go anymore.

00:46:18Edit So I always try to look at the bright side of that word, right? So I'm not going to use failure, I'm going to use disappointment nice because sometimes failure does lead to the next, it takes you to a different place and exactly, it can be positive, so you have to look at it that way and it could be better, it could be better, you know, some of the first tv shows didn't work, like was that famous show, the Simon Callus on any rate years prior to that, there was, there was one that failed actually and and so then it took the second and the third one to really become famous as sometimes, you know, that's got to keep trying, keep trying. And I think for me on the mental health front, you know, I've I've struggled with depression, I've struggled with an eating disorder in the past, you know, five or six years, this is one of the reason why you no favor has been such an amazing solution for me, it's really helped my mental health, but on that note, I've been the kind of person to self deprecate and really, you know, not treat my mental health properly.

00:47:19Edit So I think in terms of dealing with failure, not only on the personal side, but on the business side is being kind to yourself and you know, being okay with the fact that you're human being, you're, you're supposed to iterate, you're supposed to learn, you're supposed to evolve. And I think the same goes for an early stage startup to is being okay with the fact that you're going to make mistakes and you are going to fail. It's just a matter of fact at some point and you you need to be able to evolve over time and learn from those mistakes. But I think it really starts with the things that you're saying to yourself and how you're personally dealing with that failure and how you carry that into your business endeavors as well. Yeah, I think it's definitely like important to remember that especially when we live in this world of like curated perfection with things like social media and so people often feel that other people don't fail and obviously it's not what's highlighted um in society as much now with with social media. So yeah, it's definitely important to remember to be kind to yourself and and that it's all part of the process.

00:48:24Edit Exactly. I think it's important to talk about failure to, like you said enough, people don't talk about the mistakes that they make or where they go wrong or what their weaknesses are and as you said, it's because of this culture that's been created around creating this veil of perfection or hiding behind these platforms to use your words when maybe in fact you wouldn't be able to say those face to face with someone. And I think especially for my age group, that's been a really destructive thing um is you know, using these platforms to spread hate to, you know, point out people's flaws publicly without having personal conversations about it. So I do think that it's important for people to you know, make failure something acceptable to talk about as well. And I think as a team that's something that we're all really good at is being like, okay, that wasn't right. How do we how do we change that going forward? Yeah. And find a learning and as a mother to Jamie, you know her at a very young age, most kids wouldn't talk about their issues of anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and for her to actually lay the issues that she needed to overcome out there in a public manner has helped the the amount of outreach she had when she was younger by telling people I have this problem if you do, it's okay, Like we're gonna get through it and Jamie was very forthright and having discussions with that to help other people and maybe keep them from doing the same thing or feel like we're knowing that they felt that way.

00:49:54Edit It's okay to feel that way, but get some help. So yeah, It's amazing, incredible. Well, thank you so much for being on the podcast. I have absolutely loved learning about your brand and the journey and that. It's just you three. I think this is such a cool dynamic, it's definitely a first for me to speak with three female founders who are total bosses um with lots of different dynamics going on. So I'm so grateful to have met you, thank you so much for having us. It was a pleasure and everybody give me a good smile because I want everybody to look at on this little picture, Oh my gosh, me too, I'll go second. All right, I love that. That's awesome.

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