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Dealing with overwhelm: a founder's guide to time management

This week, we pull back the curtain on the real-life challenges of managing time as a female entrepreneur. We unveil our personal strategies for maximising productivity and finding balance as a busy founder. from prioritisation to daily routines. Tune in for actionable tips to make the most of your time!

So, we spilled the tea on the latest podcast episode about how to deal with the absolute overwhelm of being a founder (and how time-management might just become your best friend). Let's keep it real; we've all been there Drowning in to-dos, swimming in deadlines, and juggling tasks… So let’s take a little peak into the frameworks that have the power to reframe your weeks:

  • Dream Week Template ☁️ The dream week template is your roadmap to a week without overwhelm. Outline your priorities, appointments, and tasks in a perfect week as a starting point to structuring your life.

  • Time Blocking Magic🪄Ever heard of deep work and deep flow? These are your secret weapons against procrastination. Block chunks of time for focused, uninterrupted work & get serious about it.

  • Eisenhower Box ✍️ Prioritize like a queen. Use the Eisenhower box (urgent, important, less important, not important) to figure out exactly how to spend your precious time on what matters.

  • Your Unique Recipe 🦄 Here’s the real deal - we’re all different. Spend some serious time getting to know yourself. Experiment. Figure out what floats your boat. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Find your rhythm, embrace it, and use that as a basis to plan your day.



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