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7 types of rest you need

This week, our first co-hosted episode back after the holidays! We talk through a tried and proven playbook for goal-setting in 2024, the importance of focusing on your word-of-the-year and exactly what we will be carrying with us into the new year (with a few handy tips to unplug & prevent burnout). 

Are you still feeling exhausted post holiday? You aren’t alone.

My bestie sent me a Ted Talk on productive rest by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith a few days ago explaining how we often go through life thinking we’ve rested because we’ve gotten enough sleep, and then get confused that we’re still so god damn tired. Ok, raise your hands if you feel seen! 🙋‍♀️It turns out a lot of us are missing out on the other types of rest we need. 

So here it is, the ultimate list of the 7 types of rest we all need (along with practical tips on how to attain them):

  • Physical Rest 😴 a good night sleep, restorative movement (such as yoga & stretching) and naps are the ultimate cure here.

  • Mental Rest 🧠 we’re used to being constantly switched on and on the go: schedule breaks in your work day and take them seriously.

  • Sensory Rest 🔆 shield yourself from sensory overdrive, a serene pamper session sans music or TV can do wonders.

  • Creative Rest 🎨 super important for anyone solving problems or brain-storming ideas, spend some time in nature without your phone.

  • Emotional Rest 😰 take some time to acknowledge your emotions and chat to someone about how you really feel, get it off your chest.

  • Social Rest 👐 the holidays can be a scary time for introverts like myself, it might be high time to find some rest in solitude.

  • Spiritual Rest ️🌟do you feel a sense of belonging or a little unmoored at the moment? Your spirit is deeply connected to your purpose.

All that to say, if the post-holiday blues are lingering this year, that’s perfectly normal and you’re far from alone. There might just be another aspect of your life that needs some TLC (aka: rest) rn.



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