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7 Tips to launching your dream biz

If you're tuning in, you're probably feeling that entrepreneurial itch, that burning desire to launch your own business and make a mark this year. Well, you're in the right place because today's episode is all about that. We chat through your ultimate guide to launching in 2024, the exact things I would like to learn right now if I was launching a brand this year. We also walk through through the ultimate rest framework which might explain why you're not feeling 100% refreshed after the holidays.

So! With January blues pretty much out the way, I have a strong suspicion you’re feeling that entrepreneurial itch. That burning desire to launch your own business and make a mark this year. This is the time of re-birth, creativity, boldness and building.

So, here’s is the advice I’d give myself if I was launching a brand this year in 2024:

  1. Solve a real problem that people will pay money for 💸 you won’t believe how often this step is missed - ideas need to be validated and the only way you can do that is by talking to real potential customers

  2. Have a real point of difference 🦄 review competitors and big players in the space by reading through their one star reviews - gather ALL the bad stuff and figure out how you can create a product that solves those problems and stand out from the rest  

  3. Aim for mass market consumer goods 🛍️ if you want a nationwide or global brand aim for mass market items over high ticket products that have a longer purchase decision required - think about products that just make sense to buy: food, beauty, hygiene, household items

  4. Incorporate a price point and profit margin that’ll work on other channels 💰 really think about the pricing model of platforms like Amazon and paid ads and incorporate this into your financial model

  5. Build a brand that is social first ✨I can’t say this enough - it needs to have X factor on TikTok 🤳and people need to want to show it off - have all the qualities of viral products that are a no-brainer to buy

  6. Create with repeatable buys & subscriptions in mind 🔁 it costs 5X more to acquire a customer than to retain a customer you already have - once you have someone on board treat them like gold (or $$$)

  7. Build a brand that doesn’t require raising capital to get started 🤑 you want to hold off raising as long as you can so you have proof points, learn to be scrappy, and leverage your growth for better terms 



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