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7 Bootstrapped marketing ideas for founders on a zero dollar budget

Updated: Apr 9

This week, one for the low-budget founders. Join us as we chat through some of our fave guerrilla marketing moments on the show from entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget. Those out-the-box creative strategies that can level the playing field and make your business stand out (without breaking the bank!!). We had so fun much with this one.

Our co-hosted episode this week was a highly requested one, so I’m super excited to bring it out into the world. We had so much fun! We dive into 7 bootstrapped marketing ideas for founders on a zero dollar budget, one of which we’ll cover right here: the power of TikTok and short-form content.

My mind directly goes to TikTok when I’m thinking about unique marketing moments and things that a bootstrapped solo founder can do as something that is a heavy investment on time and energy but super low on budget (read: zero). Spend a lot of time creating those viral moments. Here are some of our faves:

  1. The Girls Get Off boogie: so fun. An attention-grabbing, thumb-stopping moment where the investment is pure sweat equity. That’s the magic!

  2. Now, let’s talk about Elle Brooke & her mystery shopping bag: it's quick, it's quirky, and it’s the LOL content that sticks. The perfect example of how scrappy, unpolished ideas can catapult your brand into the spotlight.

  3. TBH Skincare's Margot Robbie Moment: remember the Margot Robbie stunt by TBH Skincare? A genius move that cost nada but brought the spotlight. For us, it's about finding those celebrity moments that fit our narrative without breaking the bank, catching that content wave.

In a world of mega-budget marketing, we’re seeing more and more people thrive on creativity, wit, and the audacity to stand out. So, check out these videos, grab your camera, and let the world witness the magic of a bootstrapped founder.


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