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2024 E-commerce predictions to be excited about

This week, we are feeling nostalgic in the lead-up to Christmas and looking forward to all the exciting things ahead in the e-comm space for 2024. Instead of covering past blueprint to success, we're looking in the crystal ball and discussing the trends that we predict will make waves in the upcoming year. You don't want to miss this one; totally loved recording this, and it's def worth getting you notepads out for our top 5 predictions for e-commerce success in 2024.

Ready to jot down some ecomm insights for 2024? In our latest co-hosted chat, we skipped the proven blueprints and dived into our top 5 predictions shaping the ecommerce scene in this upcoming year:

  1. AI in Advertising: great news, it's not just for the big players anymore! In 2024, AI is your budget-friendly ticket. Picture optimised campaigns, budgeting magic… Opening up the advertising playing field for small biz owners in the past reserved for those with hefty agency budgets.

  2. Hybrid-AI Magic: in a u-turn, as we lean on AI for assistance, we find ourselves leaning into the human touch. In the coming year, AI becomes our savvy assistant, instead of our rival.

  3. Live-Stream Shopping: the infrastructure has been there, but 2024 is the year live-stream shopping truly takes centre stage. TikTok Shop are offering enticing incentives ($1.5K carrots for brands diving into live shopping!), a big nod to old-school selling methods made sexy again.

  4. Creator-Led Collaborations: this year is all about integrated, data-driven collabs. Imagine mini-brands emerging within a brand, smart collaborations, and a revolution in the rev-sharing model: the future of influencer.

  5. Mobile Commerce Magic: the future of commerce is entirely mobile, and 2024 is all about smoothing out the process. Design and think mobile first, with a super smooth experience your top priority.


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